Simple gesture of love goes a long way!

Let’s not hold back a simple gesture of love from those who are living with us closely, such as our spouses and kids. Most of us are good at surprising others with a simple or spontaneous gesture of love but we find it hard to do it to the people who matter most in our lives.

The simple gesture can be as simple as saying; “I prayed for you this morning so God’s favor would rest on you” or as big as saying “I will be your servant today for the whole day. Just let me know what you want me to do for you.” Yeah, we usually say that to our pastors, “Just call me whenever you need me,” but not to our spouses who have big part in our lives.

Well, how do we learn to do that? Simple! By getting up and do it. Remember, we don’t follow our emotions and feelings; rather we follow our decisions to do what is right whether we feel it or not. Let’s practice giving a simple gesture of love to the people who live with us so that it will be our second nature.

When we choose to start doing it outside of our home, we show to God that we are good actors. And God doesn’t want actors but disciples who are faithful in small things (not on loving all the people of the world but first loving those four, five or more people who live with us). This is the fundamental spiritual principle we need to get under our belt (Matthew 25:23).

Whatever a spiritual discipline we need to have, we need to train ourselves up first in our home. We have to get it right there before we find ourselves trying to do it outside of our home. ///