Sunday, Oct. 05, 2014 Sermon at AEEC

The Amanuel Ethiopian Evangelical Church (AEEC) just shared yesterday’s sermon on their YouTube!

Isn’t that wonderful! Sitting down in my kitchen, I watched this program as if it was given by somebody else. Oh, how I love the message!

May all the glory and praise be to Jesus Christ!

So, it is with joy that I’m sharing this message with you all. This is the message I delivered yesterday at AEEC. I hope God speaks to your heart as He spoke to me! May He bless us all with a life which is honoring and acceptable before man and God!

Here we go:

Is masturbation a problem of women too?

Sure, masturbation is not only the problem of men but women’s too. Women often resort to masturbation not because of any “egg build-up” in their body as it is the case with men (sperm build-up plus lust). Nothing builds up in a woman’s body when it comes to sexual desire because her sexuality is not mostly physical but emotional.

Woman has a God-given desire to be adored, pursued, loved, touched, caressed, kissed, treasured, admired Continue reading Is masturbation a problem of women too?

Marriage is not a cure for loneliness?

Adam had never been with any other human being when God said, “It is not good for a man to be alone.” Adam was the only human being there was. The one and only one!

Adam didn’t feel lonely because perfect presence of God was with him. He was moving around and doing life at the presence of God.

Remember, lonely people are not necessarily alone; they usually live among many people.

But Adam was alone; Continue reading Marriage is not a cure for loneliness?

Had a Wonderful Sunday!

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Amanuel Ethiopian Evangelical Church! Praise the LORD!

Thank you, Pastor Abera (Senior Pastor), and to all the leaders at the Amanuel Church for having me, for opening not only your doors but also your hearts! Thank you so much for embracing me and my ministry as if I was directly sent by God. Thank you!

Thank you my Facebook fans who came out yesterday to worship God with me and with all the Amanuel Church folks!

I don’t know about you but I had a blast! Wow! The worship! It was off the chart!

I was very happy to meet some of my fans I never met before. I also met someone who came to the program because his friends who live in Seattle are my Facebook fans and they told him to attend the program.

Oh, My! You don’t know how much I appreciate you guys! Thank you! Go Seattle!

May God bless you all! ///

Only Favor from God is needed! (This was posted on 11/01/2013)

“When the turn came for Esther (the young woman Mordecai had adopted, the daughter of his uncle Abihail) to go to the king, she asked for nothing other than what Hegai, the king’s eunuch who was in charge of the harem, suggested. And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her.” (Esther 2:15)

Esther “asked for nothing”. Why not? Because she knew that outer beauty is nothing unless it is complemented by the inside beauty. She was obedient to her “adopted father” (her uncle). She was submissive to the man who was in charge of all the women who came forward to be picked as a wife to the king. Every woman was privileged to ask anything they wanted (as it is recorded on Esther 2:13) but Esther “asked for nothing”. She knew that she only needed one thing; favor before God. Esther is one of the Bible Old Testament Books where we don’t find the word “God” but we see it throughout the book, invisibly, God intercepting in the middle of the story.

Yes, Esther found favor before God and He helped her to win the favor of the king and she became queen. Verse 13 says “Now the king was attracted to Esther more than to any of the other women, and she won his favor and approval more than any of the other virgins. So he set a royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti.” This is what is called “pure favor from above.” She didn’t take what was legitimately hers. She was just beautiful from the inside out!!!! And the king couldn’t resist that! ///

Say What?

A4P Guest: I’ve been seeing this man for the last 13 months and he proposed to me last month and gave me an expensive diamond ring. We both are Christians and we were planning to get married next summer. Two weeks ago, I found one text message in his phone from a woman. From her message, I could tell that he was sleeping with her the night before I found the message. When I confronted him, he said, “I am not in love with her. I went to her because you said no to sex.” Now I feel like I need to call her and tell her that he is engaged to be married with me. Do you think she will leave my man alone?”

A4P: Hold on a second and let me read this question again. Maybe I’m reading it backward.
Continue reading Say What?

Our Flesh and Sexual Purity (was posted on 11/07/2013)

But sexual purity doesn’t come natural to our human nature because of Adam’s fall. Our flesh is always inclined more toward sexual immorality than sexual purity. Sexual purity is a “foreign language” for our flesh to understand. It can’t make sense out of it. So, it always rejects it immediately for a momentary pleasure. After all, when flesh is destined to turn to dust where it came from, how can it care about tomorrow or about a lasting pleasure? It can’t! The Bible says: “- – – flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 15:50).

Now is the only time flesh lives and it soon turns to dust. So it doesn’t care about eternity or tomorrow or not even later.

Only that spirit which is born of God understands what sexual purity is all about. Why? Because sexual purity is all about a lasting pleasure, joy, contentment, rest and peace which are the fruits of the spirit. Well, the spirit, which is born of God, lives on and on forever and ever by rejecting the temporal things for the sake of the lasting ones!

Therefore, the war that is waged in us is always between the flesh, which is willing to lose it all for a momentary pleasure, and the spirit, which is always willing to count all the temporal pleasures as loss for the pure, perfect and lasting pleasure which is only found in God at His timing. ///

P. S. For those of you who may not get a chance to read my post yesterday, this is what is going on with A4P. As part of the A4P one year anniversary celebration (which is coming up on Oct. 31), I’m going to re-post my earlier posts throughout the month of Oct. The first person who is going to drop their comment on the first re-post (which was yesterday and the winner has already been selected) and the last person who is going to drop their nice comment on the last re-post on Oct 31, will receive prize from A4P as part of the celebration. But in the meantime, if the Holy Spirit gives me a message to share with you all, I will go ahead and post

Power of Choice (this was posted on 10/31/2013)

Choosing our action is something that can be looked at very lightly but it is a powerful privilege in this life for us to be able to choose what to say; what to do or even think. But once we make a choice, we can’t choose on the consequences of our choices. That is when it gets a little tricky. We can predict the consequences of some of our choices, like not stopping at the red traffic light. Duh, the consequence will be getting a penalty point and traffic light violation fee. But there are life choices which we have no way of knowing what the consequences will be. So the Bible warns us to make meditation of the Word of God our daily habit so that our actions will only produce nothing but life. ///

Very Funny Question

A4P Guest: So, Missy, I like what you posted yesterday titled “My Berhan’s answer to” but I feel like you wrote it not Berhan himself. Did you write it?

A4P: LOL, I laughed like crazy but I won’t blame you for asking that question. There are very few husbands who go out in public and claim that they are supporting their wife’s vision, call, dream and ministry. And believe me, I won’t take any of my husband’s support and encouragement for granted.

Precious, anything you see in us that is praiseworthy is from God, nothing from us! We know very well where we would have been if it was not for the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. May His name be praised forever!

So, the answer for that question is: Not even a word! My Berhan wrote it and I posted it; God is my Witness.

I took your question as a complement though because I’m My Berhan’s disciple in many respect and if you think that piece is mine, that means I’m a good writer and my teacher, my Berhan, should be proud of himself for making a copy of himself. Don’t you think so? ///

Purity for the brave hearted!