Good morning to you all who are in DC area!

Did you get a chance to step outside? Oh, LORD, it is a gorgeous day! Praise the LORD! Another brand new day to love and worship our God and live for Him!

And I can’t tell you how excited I’m to deliver the message of God within a couple hours in the area of sexual purity at the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church (IEEC) here in DC. I will be delivering the same message for both services. So, if you can’t make it at 9am (because you are still sleeping, lol), you can join us at 11:30am. God will give us a wonderful time together! Continue reading Good morning to you all who are in DC area!

Orde A4P CDs online

Hello everyone:

I love my August 11 morning! Already! I know, too early to say that but hey, sometimes the day itself proclaims it with a beautiful sun light! That’s called redeeming the day!

Okay, for those of you who want to get the first two CDs of Appeal for Purity (A4P), you can now go to the A4P official website ( and order. However, your order can only come after Sunday, August 17 which is the official release day of those CDs. If you want to get in bulk for your fellowship and/or church, drop me message with your contact number.

Have a blessed day!
In Him, Missy.

When a girl first falls in love with a man

A4P Guest: “I am 22 years old and I am active in my church. I’ve never dated or been in love with a man before but now I think I am in love with a guy I’m ministering with. We are in the same ministry and I don’t think he is noticing me in that way. Last time, he took everybody’s number to give us all a call to remind us about our prayer meeting. He called me once and he never called me after that. I constantly think about him and I don’t know what I need to do. I don’t think he has the same feeling for me as I do for him. What should I do?” Continue reading When a girl first falls in love with a man

Closing Past Ex-Relationship Files

It is a process for a wife and a husband to become one. In the NASB version of the Bible, it says this way: “- – – a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.”

“- – – they shall become one flesh,” is a process, not a one night honeymoon “fiesta”. The man and the woman have to leave their past (even their own father and mother) for them to cleave and be joined to be one (not to be “like one” but to be “one”). The man and the woman have to leave their past behind and give themselves to the marriage oneness process to take place smoothly. It is not only they leave their family but they have to leave their past relationships as well. Continue reading Closing Past Ex-Relationship Files

Yoked Together

“Don’t be yoked together with unbelievers” is not a denomination “motto” but a spiritual command which speaks life to our hearts. (2 Corinthians 6:14)

For example, if a woman decides to marry an unbeliever, she can’t enjoy all levels of oneness with her husband; the oneness God has for her, spiritual and physical oneness and oneness of the two souls. Continue reading Yoked Together

Purity for the brave hearted!