A coincidence not from man but God!

I have to tell you this because I know you love to read this kind of story.

I’m now at the hair salon. So when I drove to come here, I stopped at one of the traffic lights which is like three quarters away from the hair salon. You know how you stop at the red traffic light and look at your right and left side to see who is next to you. So, as the drivers next to me look at me and I at them, I realized that there was something in my car for the people next to me might be interested to stare at.

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Let’s talk the talk and walk the walk

It was like two or three years ago. I was pumping gas when I heard someone saying “hello”.

I looked up to see who that was. It was the guy across me. I said to myself, “Okay, I don’t know you” after I respectfully responded back to his greeting with a quick head nod. He continued and said something to complement me in ways I didn’t feel comfortable to say “Thank you” for. But not to be rude, I smiled. Well, he continued saying something and I totally ignored him.

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“Are you going to stop writing – – -”

A4P Guest: I opened my Facebook account and the only post I got today was about you feeling disappointed about the contribution. Then I knew that was the reason you didn’t write anything. I’m so sorry. I completely forgot about it. I will donate when my husband comes. My husband doesn’t really care about supporting any ministry. So, I will try to convince him and support the cause as much as I can. Are you going to stop writing if as many people as you expected won’t support you?

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Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is not a certificate of sex but a certificate of self-death. As long as a person accepts that license as a “death certificate” of self and abides in it accordingly, marriage will be heaven on earth. War-zone is the marriage of a person who denies the death sentence and refuses to live for him/herself. ///

(This was originally posted on Dec. 23, 2013)

P. S. For those of you who may be new to this page, this is what is going on with Appeal for Purity (A4P) this month. As part of the A4P one year anniversary celebration (which is coming up on Oct. 31), I’m going to re-post my earlier posts throughout the month of Oct. The first person who is going to drop their nice comment on the first re-post on October 1 and the last person who is going to drop their nice comment on the last re-post on Oct 31, will receive prize from A4P as part of the celebration (the winner for Oct. 1 has already been identified and the gift has already been shipped to the winner). But in the meantime, if the Holy Spirit gives me a message to share with you all, I will go ahead and post it daily.

“It is Paul’s opinion”

A4P Guest: I came to your page recently and I read some of your articles. I noticed you mostly use the Epistles to make your points. You tend to say, as Paul said, or Peter said. But aren’t Peter and Paul mere men like you and I? How can we take what they said as an absolute truth while we have the Word of Jesus Christ? I find it very hard to accept your points whenever you use the words of Peter or Paul to make your point.

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“You look Sexy!”

Have you ever seen a comment dropped off on a picture that goes like this: “You look Sexy” or just “Sexy” or “Hot” and the reply for that comment is, “Thank you” with a smile emoticon?

Yeah, we all read that comment and/or we too maybe dropped off that comment thinking that the meaning of “You look Sexy” or “you look Hot” is “You are extremely beautiful!”

But does the word “Sexy” or “Hot” mean “Beautiful”?

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Purity for the brave hearted!