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 A Man After God’s Own Heart

(True Story of a Young Man I met)

It was summer but the church I was invited to speak was in Europe and their summer was not as hot as here in DC. I enjoyed it but truth to be told, I was very thankful for the DC summer.

I didn’t know anyone in that church. Almost everybody in the congregation was seeing me for the very first time. I couldn’t even find one person who knew me of course except the people who invited me to speak.

I was very thankful that their leaders didn’t ask me question like “what is your topic for today?” That is just not a good question for me especially after knowing about my ministry. Without detail introduction, the minster gave me the mic and I stood behind the pulpit. Continue reading  A Man After God’s Own Heart

Satan Hates Sex

That sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it?  But, it is not paradoxical. Satan doesn’t like anything or anybody that becomes a reason to bring glory to God and His Truth. And that is exactly what sex is.

Buckle your seat belt and continue reading.

Does sex bring glory to God?  Yes, it does.

Sex is the only “one” possible way two people, one woman and one man, can become one. God created Adam and saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone (Genesis 2:18). So God took Eve out of Adam, “fashioned” her and gave her to Adam as “a suitable helper”. Because she was taken from Adam (from one of his bones), the Bible says:  “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) Continue reading Satan Hates Sex

Worth Noting

When a man desires a woman for his sexual fantasy, he doesn’t desire her for marriage. After he plays with her body, he categorizes her into his “not a marriage material” list.

Amazingly enough some women understand this fact the other way around. After they give their body, they think that the man is theirs to keep. It doesn’t work that way. Beloved, don’t let the movies fool you. Men love and RESPECT a woman who respects herself enough never to let anyone touch her body until marriage. ///

(As part of the Appeal for Purity’s two year anniversary celebration, which is going to be on Oct. 31, I will re-post some of my previous short and long posts. By doing that, those who are new to this page will get a chance to read it. The above note was originally posted on January 14, 2014.)

Part II of the Parent’s Seminar at Toronto, Canada

You know, I always say that I wish it could be possible to record God’s presence in a camera. But sitting down and watching this video more than four times, I realize that God’s presence is in fact always found in His Word whether His Word and truth come through a live seminar or a video clip. I find myself pretty much being overwhelmed by God’s presence and became in tears every time I watch this.

I pray God speaks to your heart and soul through the message.

The second session of this seminar was not recorded; that means I don’t have any more video clips of this seminar. ///

The Two Most Pivotal Moments Of My Teen Years

One of the two most pivotal moments of my teen years occurred when I was in elementary school. I was twelve years old. In the middle of our recess time, one of my friends who was a boy, came running towards me, away from his friends. He wanted to show it to me but one of his friends was fighting to take it from him. I didn’t know what the magazine was all about but I wanted to see it. So, I joined the fight to get the magazine and I took it from his hand and randomly flipped the pages.

I remember even the spot; the day, the time and the weather as if it was yesterday. I remember being frozen; not only me but I thought for a second the whole world had also stopped moving, PAUSED for a second. Continue reading The Two Most Pivotal Moments Of My Teen Years

Keep Eve In the Grave

One Saturday afternoon, I bought a beautiful dress and couldn’t wait to show it to my husband. So after we put the kids to bed, I said “Okay, now let me show you my beautiful dress I bought today.”

So I wore the dress and said “Okay, here we go.”

I thought he would say “Oh, My, you look beautiful.” But he kept quiet for one full minute which felt like one hour for me. Continue reading Keep Eve In the Grave

A Role of A Father from A Family – – – A Generation

When our daughter was a little girl, around three or four years old, the most exciting day for her was anytime I braided her hair differently than usual. She would look at herself in the mirror, and while admiring her beauty, ask: “Do you think my dad will recognize me?” I always responded, “I doubt it.”

One day, she waited for her dad as if it was nobody’s business. Every now and then, she looked out of the window to see if her dad had come back from work. So, as usual, I called my husband and gave him some heads up. A few minutes later, he arrived at home and asked, “Who is this cute girl here? And where is my daughter? ”

Oh, my! She danced, jumped up and down, fell on the floor, laughed hysterically and said, “My gosh! Mom, can you believe that! My dad didn’t recognize me!”
Continue reading A Role of A Father from A Family – – – A Generation

The Boundary Line

God created sex only in the context of marriage. The boundary line of beautiful, healthy, fulfilling and satisfying sex is called marriage. Outside the blessed union of one man and one woman, sex is a wildfire.

“Can a man scoop fire into his lap
without his clothes being burned?
Can a man walk on hot coals
without his feet being scorched?
So is he who sleeps with another man’s wife;
no one who touches her will go unpunished.” (Proverbs 6:27-29) Continue reading The Boundary Line