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Hebrews 4:15-16

Hebrews 4 15 17

Because of what our High Priest, Jesus Christ, did on our behalf, we always have God’s mercy and grace waiting for us everyday at the throne of God.

So, let’s not leave home today without approaching the throne of God and taking our share of grace and mercy we have in Christ Jesus. ///

Most Men Are Totally Deprived when – – –

I was outside the whole day and I came home being emotionally, physically and mentally totally drained. I tried to finish something and I was not successful. I had a conversation with someone and it didn’t go well. Somebody got on my last nerve and I tried to get even and I lost the fight, big time. My “Things to Do List” was not even touched by the time the sun went back to her home.

Peace? Are you serious? I didn’t even know how to spell it let alone to have it in my heart! Joy? Forget it! Do I need to say I was mean-spirited and sensitive even to be looked at? Nah! Continue reading Most Men Are Totally Deprived when – – –

Next Contestant, from Seattle, Washington!

My Book and Samson

Is Fraol Bekel the winner of the competition with 390 likes? Hmm, maybe not; because there are other competitors coming up!

For today, I have one contestant from Seattle, Washington. His name is Samson Assefa. He is a husband of one beautiful woman, a father of one beautiful young girl and one little boy. Here is his favorite quote from my book: Continue reading Next Contestant, from Seattle, Washington!

My number one Favorite A4P’s Fans are – – –

My Book and Fraol

– – – teenagers! Why? I live with three teenagers, day in and day out! These “creatures” of God always keep you young with their fresh perspective in life; with their creative way of coming up with a seamlessly silly idea which is a solution for a big problem. I love them very much! If you misunderstand them, of course, they will totally drive you nuts! Their language is obviously different from us, adults, but if you hear them carefully, they are actually communicating something very important, such as what is going on in their hearts. When you want to be close to them, they push you away but at the same time, they need you to be close to them. I know that is paradoxical but that is how these people roll!

Anyways, our next contestant for the competition is a fifteen year old, and I have to add, a handsome and fine young man from Bloomington, Minnesota.

His name is Fraol Bekele. Continue reading My number one Favorite A4P’s Fans are – – –

A Gorgeous Thursday, a beautiful Contestant from Washington, DC

My Book and Zebib

A beautiful day such as today makes me want to meditate the Word of God even more. Here is the Word I’m meditating on since last Monday: “To fear the Lord is to hate evil” (Proverbs 8:13a)

For me personally, looking at a bright and beautiful sun early in the morning is like, listening to an anointed preacher speaking on a topic called “A Lasting Hope!” Seriously I love bright and sunny mornings! I see them as signs of God’s unfailing mercy and grace! Hallelujah! Please don’t ask me about snowy and rainy seasons. I’m not sure their meaning and I don’t appreciate them both! Continue reading A Gorgeous Thursday, a beautiful Contestant from Washington, DC

A Quick Reply to a Comment Regarding my Book

A4P Guest: Why do we need another book to read other than the Bible? Are you saying that this book is a replacement to the Bible? Is this book for those who are in sexual addiction? Anyone who has a sexual problem can find healing through the Word of God, the Bible. If they pray hard, we have a God who hears and answers our prayers; He will answer their prayers and heal them. The Name of Jesus breaks all spiritual bondage. We don’t need another book other than the Bible. Why are you asking others to buy your book? Why don’t you encourage them to buy the Bible and read it cover to cover so that the Word of God will break their bondage?” Continue reading A Quick Reply to a Comment Regarding my Book

A Simple Complement Goes a Long Way

I always get up early in the morning and do my devotion and everything. Then I go to shower and dress up and style my hair. It doesn’t really matter whether I have somewhere to go or not; this is my unchanging morning routine. This is actually something I learned from my mom. I am very grateful for it! And guess who appreciates this the most? My husband!

So, in the morning, by the time I finish getting ready, my husband will go out to go to work. I love to go out with him to his car and bless him and his day and I cover his car with the blood of Jesus. Then I just stand outside until his car disappears from my eyes. What do I do? Well, I pray for him; for God to go before him; for God to destroy his enemies before they come closer to him. I can’t tell you how I enjoy those moments. Continue reading A Simple Complement Goes a Long Way