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Your Census, not theirs, that Matters!

If you read Genesis 18, you find a story where God decided to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah where homosexuality was practiced openly and everywhere. And Abraham pleaded with God so that God wouldn’t destroy those cities.

Why did Abrahma plead with God? Because his nephew, Lot, was living in those cities.

So, Abraham pleaded with God asking a very important question: “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?” (Genesis 18:23) Continue reading Your Census, not theirs, that Matters!

“Are you asking me to stop being a human being?”

I was seeing someone off at the airport like eight years ago. Then I met one guy who got married like a month ago. So, I asked him about his honeymoon and how marriage had been treating him so far.

While he was telling me about his wife and all, one gorgeous woman came down the escalator we were standing next to. I looked at her and she was pretty. Of course, he stopped talking and gave her a long look. Then I waited until he was done staring; but I was standing there wishing he wouldn’t turn to follow her after she passed us. Continue reading “Are you asking me to stop being a human being?”

The First Day of the Week

Sunday is the first day of the week. I know, for a long time, I thought Monday was the first day of the week. Some people say that Saturday is actually the first day of the week since Saturday is actually the original Sabbath according to Jews.

Well, I think this is one of the issues we shouldn’t divide over. And when people try to argue saying Saturday or Sunday is the Sabbath, I usually say, “Whatever works for you is fine with me.” I mean after all Sabbath “was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27) Continue reading The First Day of the Week

“Beyond the Fairy Tale” – Book Trailer!

When I received the shipment from my publisher, I opened the first box and fell on the floor. It was like a childbirth kind of experience. I took out one book, kissed it many times and I wanted to cry but at the same time I wanted to shout and laugh! I held my book tightly close to my heart and fell before my God and my Lord who saw me through the tough road of writing a book. It was a long and at times very trying journey but through it all, God stood with me saying, “Fixed your eyes on Me and keep going!” Continue reading “Beyond the Fairy Tale” – Book Trailer!

True Love Knows . . .

Growing up, I used to love to read and hear romantic stories. And from all the stories I heard, one particular true story stayed with me for a long period of time. So, the story of this man and his woman used to be the topic of everybody’s coffee time discussion. And I love to hear about them. This man, as they said, “loves his girlfriend so much that if any man decides to look at her, he will fight with that man. If she decides to say hi to any man, it doesn’t matter whether the man is her uncle or brother, he will put her in trouble.” So, wherever this couple goes, there is always a drama to tell. As a little girl, I used to sit and dream about having a “macho and loving man” like that guy standing next to me, because I thought that was the definition of love.

I mean think about it! As a little girl who didn’t have anyone to teach her how a girl should be loved and treasured by a man, I thought that was the most romantic relationship any girl can ever have with a man. So, I made a decision with myself to find that kind of man for myself. Continue reading True Love Knows . . .

Death, A Reminder to Love

This is a season some people get married and others graduate from school. This season is also a season of death since people die at all seasons, including spring and summer. This past week, some people we know finished their journey on this side of heaven and crossed over to the other side. And it is sometimes tough to try to comfort those who lost their loved ones. I mean, what do you say to them? “Don’t worry, you will join them soon?” Or, “It is okay, we all are going to die anyways?” I think sometimes it is better to just sit next to them quietly.

While my Berhan and I were sitting to comfort a family who lost their loved one last week, one woman came in and began crying, expressing her love to the deceased one. Sitting there listening to her, a thought came to my mind: Did the deceased ever hear all these loving words from this person when he was alive? Is she repeating what she already told him while he was still alive or is she expressing her love now? Continue reading Death, A Reminder to Love