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“I thought I loved her but – – -”

A4P Guest: “I’m a 25-year-old man. I am one of the solo singers in my church. I graduated from university with my first degree in electrical engineering last year and I am currently working on my profession. I wanted to start a brand new life this year. The problem is, a year ago; I made the most serious mistake of my life. I slept with one of the girls who sing in our church choir. She is very pretty and loves God like nobody else. The next day, I went to her and asked her forgiveness and we both cried before God. Then I went to one of the ministers in our church and told him the whole story. He counseled both of us and told us to stay away from ministry for three months which we both did. Throughout those three months, I was fasting and praying and going for counseling with this particular minister who restored my life. The thing is, Missy, I don’t want to have any relationship with the girl I slept with. I know you may judge me here for saying that but please hear me well first. I thought I loved her but after that incidence; I didn’t even want to see her. Whenever I see her, I remember the whole episode which I don’t want to remember in my life. I lusted after her and the consequence of my lust had been the most painful experience of my life. She wanted to continue to have a relationship with me saying that I was her first. She cried on me lots of times. I couldn’t open my mouth to tell her that I have no love for her. Oh, God, please help me. I know I sinned against her, the church and God; but I can’t punish myself by marrying her for what I did. I have interest to neither marry nor have any relationship with her. Please Missy, understand me. Two of her sisters quoted the story of King David’s Son, Amnon, who slept with his sister, Tamar (2 Samuel 13), and later despised her and how God punished him. But our case is not like that. I didn’t rape her. We both agreed to do it and we both made the stupidest mistake of our lives. Even if I struggle to forgive myself, I can’t force myself to marry her against my desire. Everybody thinks that I have another relationship with another girl for rejecting her but I don’t and I don’t think I will have any relationship with any girl soon. I want to first find myself. Please advise me how to communicate this with her without hurting her.”

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What a privilege

What a privilege it is to be called a child of God! What an honor to always find self in God’s team in every area of life! What a joy to feel God’s undeniable presence everywhere! What a joy to experience daily the unfailing love and mercy of God!
How can that be possible for a mere man to experience all that? By being perfect before God?
Oh, no, not by perfection but by total dependence in Christ Jesus.
Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you have Him in your life as the Lord and Savior of Your life? If not, invite Him today, not tomorrow; now, not later. Then He will always leave you speechless with His jaw-dropping faithfulness and ever new mercy and grace as He always does in my life.
Oh, Father, – – – 
“Teach me your way, Lord,    that I may rely on your faithfulness;
give me an undivided heart,
that I may fear your name.
 I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart;
I will glorify your name forever.
For great is your love toward me;
you have delivered me from the depths,
from the realm of the dead.” (Psalm 86:11-13)

” (Psalm 86:11-13) ///

We Live by Faith

Did I ever say, “Save sex and all the kissing and touching business for marriage?”

Oops, I did say that multiple times. But, hey, it won’t hurt if I say it again and again.

After all, unless we hear something again and again, we don’t believe it because faith comes by hearing. And we live by faith; means our lifestyle reflects what we truly accept and believe.

So, it is always excellent to give our ears to something we want to believe and live for. ///

Want to do Dating Right

Many young people are dropping me their questions saying, “We got it! We now understand that all those mini-sex acts (kissing, touching, cuddling, petting and all) are not good for us before marriage. They push us to do what we vowed not to do; which is sex before marriage. The problem is, we’ve been practicing mini-sex acts since day one that it seemed impossible for us to stop now. We keep falling short of our promises we made to one another. What should we do?” Continue reading Want to do Dating Right