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“She Was My Girl But I Let Her Go”

A4P Guest: I’m a 32 year-old married man. Before I got married, I was seeing one Christian girl. I was very much in love with her and all. Then I met my high school classmate on Facebook and began chatting with her. I had a crush on her when we were in 11th grade. Other than that, there was nothing between us. Then before I knew it, I began spending more time with this girl on Facebook than with my girlfriend. Continue reading “She Was My Girl But I Let Her Go”

My Husband Has This Problem

A4P Guest: I’m writing this after reading your February 20th post “A Husband Or a Caregiver.” I am married and have a one year old son. My husband and I have very good relationship. I have no problem in my marriage except one thing. My husband doesn’t want people to come over to our house and he doesn’t want to go to anybody’s house, including my parents’ house.

Continue reading My Husband Has This Problem