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Who Needs Help Here Is You

A4P Guest: I’m a 22 year old woman and the man I’m seeing is 27 years old. We met in our church’s yearly young adults’ retreat and it’s been a year now since we’ve been dating officially. I love him very much but he flirts with every girl in our church. I told him to stop once and I let it go and chose to pray. He cheated on me once and I forgave him. A couple weeks ago, I found something on his phone and I asked him about it. He confessed that he had cheated on me again. Continue reading Who Needs Help Here Is You

My Husband is Having a Problem

A4P Guest: I’m a new mother. I gave birth to a cute boy; he is now seven months old. I was happy with my marriage until recently. I lost interest for sex. I know what you may think, postpartum depression PPD). I don’t know how to tell you this but I think my husband is having a problem when it comes to sex.
A4P: What do you mean?
A4P Guest: He is not as he used to.

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“Born-again Christian Girls Don’t Attract Me Much”

A4P Guest: I am 23 years old, fourth year university student. I haven’t dated any girl so far and I think I know the reason. Well, I am a born-again Christian but I always find myself attracted to girls who are not born-again Christians. Frankly, I don’t find born-again Christian girls that much attractive. You know how the saying goes, “A girl who makes you feel relaxed is the girl you need to pursue.” Well, I don’t relax around Christian girls that much but whenever I’m around girls who are not born-again Christians, I see that spark of attraction. What do I need to do? I know what the Bible says about being yoked with unbelievers but I don’t know what to do with my feeling.

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