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The US Supreme Court Redefined Marriage in all 50 States

A4P Guest: Did you hear the news yesterday about the US Supreme Court Decision about marriage?

A4P: Yes, I did!

A4P Guest: Can you say something about it?

A4P: I am not sure what you are asking me. Are you asking me whether I am for or against the decision?

A4P Guest: I know you only believe in a marriage between one man and one woman. No, that is not what I’m asking you. I’m just asking what your take is on the issue, like the implication the Supreme Court decision has on us, Christians. Continue reading The US Supreme Court Redefined Marriage in all 50 States


If you feel like you found the love of your life, a person so beautiful/handsome who understands you more than anybody else, a person you can talk to for hours without realizing that you talked for six hours and you are already thinking about your wedding and your children you are going to have with this person BUT it’s only been two or three weeks since you met this person, STOP!

You are acting CRAZY! So, stop and take one step back. Then take like three days off from everyone, including yourself and be present before God. Let the Word of God do some kind of mental and emotional check up on you. You know, when we ride in a very speedy train of life, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, we end up in a ditch where nobody can snatch us out until we harvest all the consequences of our carelessness and mindlessness. ///

Oops, One important info missing!


From yesterday’s flyer, there was one important piece of info missing. An updated version of the flyer is attached with this note.

The Chicago conference that is going to be held in Springfield, VA from July 22 to 25 is going to be in English!

The main target audiences are the Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora young women and men who speak English.

Make sure you spread the word. Encourage the young people to come over to the program if they are older than 18 or bring them over with you if they are younger than 18 and older than 13.

We sure are going to have a life-changing time together! Yes, that is exactly what is going to happen when the Holy Spirit takes over a program! Don’t miss it! ///

Chicago Conference in Springfield. Virginia


The theme or the topic of the conference is:

Set Apart, Make an Impact!

The theme itself stirs up something in me!

The two speakers for this year’s Chicago Conference are Pastor Nebiye and I. I can’t tell you how excited I’m to minister with Pastor Nebiye who is the husband of a beautiful woman and a father of four beautiful children. I met Pastor Nebiye in San Francisco and after we spoke for few minutes, I realized that we had the same passion, similar call, same message and hear this, we read similar books.

So, when I first heard that Pastor Nebiye is the other minister invited to speak at this year’s Chicago Conference, I can’t tell you how excited I was and still am.

So, if you are going to be in the DC area from July 22-25, I invite you to come and worship God with us. ///