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That is all!

When a wife says to her husband, “I feel so stressed and down,” she is not asking him to fix her, or fix the conflict she has at her job or fix her kids who might be driving her crazy.

No, no, no! She is not asking him that. All she is asking him is this: “Can you show me some love so that I can pick myself up to fix my problems and be respectful towards you?”

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Healthy marriages protect kids From Sexual addiction

There are great purposes why God created marriage, a covenantal relationship between one man and one woman. And one of the zillion purposes of marriage is to raise kids who are mentally and emotionally healthy.

Healthy marriages are like “Petri Dishes” to grow “healthy and godly children” on. When that “Petri Dish” that good ground is disturbed, the ones who suffer the most are kids.

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Quick Update on the Modesty Competition

Well, as you all know, Appeal for Purity is holding its very first modesty competition, called “The Esther’s Kind of Modesty”.

Eighteen beautiful girls signed for it and before the competition started, seven of them quit for different personal reasons.

Then after the competition started, after the first round of competition, six of them quit.

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Sex in a Dream

One of the young men who came to me for help this week had this problem: He often sees in his dream having sex with the same woman. This woman is not the woman he knows in real life, he only knows her in his dream. He finds himself being orgasmic whenever he sees this dream. Here is his whole story:

(Thank you my dear brother for letting me use your story and your question. May the LORD bless you!)

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