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Whoever Dwells in the Shelter of the Most High – Part I

Sitting in the dark room, in the middle of the night, he began sweating as if he ran five miles. The question which kept on coming in his mind was, “How did I end up here?”

He grew up in the church. He knows more Bible verses than most of his friends. Growing up, he was considered as one of the spiritual young men who could take a place of pastoral position or something. Even as a young lad, some people used to come and ask him to pray for them.

As his mother only son, his mother raised him as if he was the last man from human race. She didn’t let him go through circumcision until he turned thirteen. His father and uncle pressured his mother and she agreed to let him get circumcised at the age of thirteen. Continue reading Whoever Dwells in the Shelter of the Most High – Part I

How to Deal with Immodesty Among Worship Leaders

A4P Guest: I’m a leader for our church’s worship group. We are eight, including me. Four of us stand at one time to lead the worship. I’ve been leading this worship group since 2008 and I have no problem with any of them but one girl. This girl is a very nice girl and everything; but there is one issue. I told to every one of the worship leaders that we need to dress respectfully when we stand behind the pulpit but this girl wears these very tight pair of pants where anyone can trace every part of her body down there. Two of our church ministers already complained about it to me and I generally talked to all of the worship leaders about how we need to present ourselves, without picking on her but she doesn’t seem to listen. What can I do?

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Question about “One Basic Principle – – – “Is oral sex okay?” video clip

A4P Guest: “So are you saying that if a married couple feels comfortable doing any sexual act, such as anal sex, it is acceptable before God?”

A4P: Hmm! When I read your question, I remember this saying that goes like this: “I’m only responsible for what I say not for what you understand.”

I also remember this saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

The question that begs an answer here is not whether the married couples agree on the act or not, but who those agreed married couples are?

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“Lone Ranger-ism” in Christianity!

If you look in the dictionary for the word or phrase “a lone ranger” you will find this definition: “one who acts alone and without consultation or the approval of others.”

Can one of my organs be a lone ranger and make it?

Hmm! Can you just imagine if my heart one day wants to act alone, take a decision without consulting with my brain and without the approval of the other body organs and say something like this: “I want to chill today; I want to take a one week vacation because I am tired of pumping blood?”
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“Where are they?”

A4P Guest: “I’ve been following your page for quiet sometimes now. And according to most of your writings and teachings you posted on this Facebook page and on your YouTube videos, you said that sexually addicted people are lonely people and you suggested that they seek help from others. I think it sounds good but the problem is when it comes to putting it into practice.

Who are the people you are referring to, for us to go and talk to, for us to go and tell our secret and dark life to? Most church ministers today have their own issues to deal with and some of them don’t seem to care about anybody. They mind their own business. Some of them don’t even help us but tell our stories to others and make us feel guilty for opening up. So where are you telling us to go? Who are these people you keep on saying “Go and seek help” from? Where are they?” Continue reading “Where are they?”

The Truth can change us only when we Let it!

When we get confronted with the Truth, we sometimes react in the way which is ugly for others to watch. We badmouth people and we look for others who can join us so that we can get together to put down those who told us the Truth.

The thing is if the Truth doesn’t confront us squarely, it can’t directly come to our hearts where the root of sin is found. If it doesn’t come to our hearts, it stays in our brain and makes us “good theologians” who know everything about the Bible but have nothing to do with it. For the truth to confront us, we have to be willing to get hurt by it because Truth crashes our egos and prides which are our number one enemies we carry with us. But the good news is the hurt the Truth brings to our life is the beginning of our healing.

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Speed Cameras

Thank you for the State of District of Columbia (DC) for teaching our sweet State, Maryland, to put those speed cameras on our beautiful roads, almost at every major and minor road. I mean, how can we drive?

I’m not happy with those cameras at all!  Seriously! I don’t like them!

Sure, they warn you and they tell you on the news that speed cameras are going to come to your neighborhood. The problem is that warning didn’t register in my brain until I’ve received multiple speeding tickets at the same time!

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We can’t have it both ways!

Have you ever heard this proverb: “You can’t have the cake and eat it too”?

I love it very much! And I use it almost every day because I live with teenagers.

Teenagers have this tendency where they want to watch movies every night and at the same time, they want to get straight A+ on their exams. I mean, how can anybody do that? We can’t have it both ways, period!

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Ten Days from today!

Flyer for Bethel Church Nov 23 2014

If you are going to be in Alexandria, VA on Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014, join me and the Bethel church folks for the Sunday worship service at 5pm.

I can’t tell you how excited I’m for this opportunity! If God wills, this is the title of the message I’m planning to present:

“Post-modernization Era – God knows about it too!”

You don’t want to miss it! If you want to be challenged and encouraged to stand on the Word even on 21st century, come and be part of this program. Of course, come prayerfully because only the Spirit of God knows how to meet us wherever we are. ///