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“I want to teach my kids to be sexually pure”

A4P Guest: I am a mother of two beautiful girls, ten and twelve years old; and I really want to teach them about sexual purity. How can I do that?

A4P: Good for you! But why do you want to teach them about sexual purity?

A4P Guest: Because sexual purity is the teaching of the Bible and I want my daughters to follow that teaching.

A4P: Why?

A4P Guest: Okay, I don’t really understand your question. Continue reading “I want to teach my kids to be sexually pure”

Meet him at the right spot!

I love to read the story of King David, including his one day adulterous affair he had with the married woman and the consequences of that fateful day (2 Samuel 11 & 12).

David got anointed by God; not so he would be famous and renowned king which he was but so that God’s name would be known and praised as King David wipes out the enemy of God’s people. The best thing about this truth is that, David knew it all along! Listen to this:

“And David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel and that his kingdom had been highly exalted for the sake of his people Israel.” (1 Chronicles 14:2) Continue reading Meet him at the right spot!

It is free!

I don’t know about you but for me I love the word “free!” It is just attractive. When they say, “Come and get this for free!” I run for it. And after living in America for over twenty years now, doing so is just absurd especially knowing that “there is nothing free in America.”

But when you really think about it, in America, it seems like we get for free everything we mostly want to get. Do we pay to have a Facebook account or a page? No! Do we pay to our email service provider? No! Do we pay for the YouTube video shows, comedies and movies we watch? No! I mean the list goes on and on.

If you are a logical thinker, you may say, “I pay for my Internet connection and WiFi.” But compare to what you get out of it, you are paying closer to nothing. Continue reading It is free!

The Opposite of Love

If I ask you, “What is the opposite of love?” and if you are like me, you will definitely say, “Duh! The opposite of love is hate!”

I know! I said that too when I read a similar question in one of those fantastic books on the topic of love. But I guess there is more to the opposite of love than we think and imagine.

So, before I state the obvious, let me define the word “hate.” One of the dictionary definitions of the word “hate” is this: “to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.”

Well, this feeling of intense dislike and extreme aversion will lead one to commit murder. Hate is like one step away from taking out the gun and shooting the person. That is why according to the Word of God, hate is equal to murder: “ Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer . . . ” (1 John 3:15) Continue reading The Opposite of Love

Did you cast your vote already?

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When we join hands, we can take the message of modesty to another level. Will you be that person today, to take this modesty competition to a higher level by casting your vote? Thank you!

So, click the link below, watch the video clip and cast your vote.

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Believe me: Both these girls are gorgeous and modest, no question about that and it is not going to be easy to choose one over the other but there can only be one winner in this competition. So, make one of these pretty girls a winner, “Queen of Modesty”. ///

“You are a woman too, aren’t you?”

A4P Guest: Why do you always talk about sex? Why don’t you talk about love, heaven, hell, and all those things Jesus spoke about when He was here on earth? What do you call your ministry and what kind of role do you play in the Body of Christ? I’m confused. You are a woman too, aren’t you? What kind of Bible are you reading? The Bible says, “A woman should cover her hair and a woman shouldn’t speak in public.” Why are you going against the Word of God? For how long are you planning to continue doing this?

A4P: This is the kind of question I tend to read five times before I start moving my fingers on a keyboard trying to answer. Why do I take my time? Well, because I want to make sure that I put in place four of my basic principles in addressing questions such as this one. So, here are the principles I want to follow: Continue reading “You are a woman too, aren’t you?”

“I can’t stop thinking about him!”

A4P Guest: I am 26 years old and so far dated only one guy. I met him in our church and after we dated for five months, he asked me to sleep with him. I told him about my stand, that I didn’t want to have sex before marriage, assuming that we both were on the same page. Well, after that discussion, our relationship was over. It’s been a month now since he last called me. I see him in church but he doesn’t talk to me or anything. Here is the problem: I can’t stop thinking about him! He is always in my mind. Last week, I called him and he didn’t pick up his phone. I texted him, he didn’t respond. What should I do?

A4P: First, I applaud you for saying no for sex before marriage. Good for you! Continue reading “I can’t stop thinking about him!”

Homosexuality in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A4P Guest: Hello A4P, I’m a born again Christian and one of the leaders in our local church. I’m here in your inbox to bring something to your attention and ask you to help us in what we are trying to do. Homosexual communities from America and Europe are pouring out here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They give birr 150 (~$8) to public school teachers so that the teachers will teach students how people are born to be homosexuals and that being a homosexual is not different from being a heterosexual. So, we are putting together a flyer to call everyone to march against homosexuality here in Addis Ababa on a certain day. Would you please post that flyer on your page so that many will join us on that day?

A4P: Let me ask you few questions before I address your question: Continue reading Homosexuality in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mini-sex before Marriage

A4P Guest: “I’m 22 years old and my boyfriend is 27 years old. We’ve been dating now for a year. We both are born-again Christians and involved in our church youth ministry. We embrace the teaching of biblical abstinence and we also teach teenagers in our church about abstinence (refraining from sex before marriage). Even if at times it is tough to control ourselves, we’ve never had sex before and we don’t have a plan to do so before marriage. However we both came to the Appeal for Purity Facebook page recently and became convicted of the fact that we have been engaged in what you call “mini-sex” since day one. We always kiss and touch each other’s body whenever we see each other. We both talked about this thing and decided to stop it but the harder we try; the harder it gets for us to stop. What do you advise us to do to stop this mini-sex addiction which eventually leads us into a full blow sex?” Continue reading Mini-sex before Marriage