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April 24, 25 and 26 in ‪Denver‬, Colorado

All the time, God is so good!


God opened yet another door for Missy and Appeal for Purity Ministry (A4P) to minister His people!

Venue: Addis Kidan Evangelical Church

We’re so much excited! All praises, honors and glories be to our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!

Missy will be ministering to teens, singles, married couples and whole congregation. Please pray for all involved in this program.

You don’t want to miss this program if you are in Colorado. Make sure you invite someone out there to come and join us in worshiping the Most High God.


Husbands, don’t solve your wife’s problem

Don’t you sometimes, secretly, wish if the Book of Ephesians chapter 5 goes up to verse 34 and says something like: “Husbands, when your wives come to you with a problem, don’t try to SOLVE their problem unless they specifically ask for it. Just LISTEN to their heart.” (I know the Bible is complete; I’m just saying)

You see, most men are naturally wired to solve a problem. When their wives come to them with a problem, they jump to solve it disregarding their wives’ heart; what their wives are really saying.

Let me give you one example: Continue reading Husbands, don’t solve your wife’s problem

How can I share my secret with others?

A4P Guest: May the Lord bless you for what you’re doing!

A4P: Amen! Thank you for your kind remarks!

A4P Guest: Can I ask you a question?

A4P: Sure, you can.

A4P Guest: Why do women act like crazy?

A4P: What do you mean?

A4P Guest: I mean, why do women’s moods change frequently like crazy?

A4P: You know, for you guys, it may seem we women are crazy but we don’t usually see our craziness as you men do. Continue reading How can I share my secret with others?

A Comment on the post – “Characteristics of a Good Marriage Worth Copying”

A4P Guest: “- – – It’s a beautiful list of things we all should practice in our marriage and some in any relationship. I agree that we should work – hard for – good things to come to us, marriage is not an exception. We all know as well that “Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.” Proverbs 19:14. The point I am trying to make is this: a marriage that is not from the Lord will never work despite the practice of the things you listed. A marriage “that fell on us from Heaven” also won’t work if we don’t practice the list; and a marriage that is not approved by heaven won’t work no matter what we exercise the list. My view, correct me if I am wrong.” Continue reading A Comment on the post – “Characteristics of a Good Marriage Worth Copying”

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate Easter today!

He Has Risen 2

Happy Easter to all of you from us, Appeal for Purity Ministry!

What a day to go to church!

Yes, Jesus is risen! He is the reason for the season! He is the reason for us to be here today!

Oh, Jesus is the reason for me personally to be alive today and write this! Because of Jesus Christ, I live, move and have my being! (Acts 17:28) May all the glory, praise, honor, power, worship be to our risen Lord, Jesus Christ! ///

Characteristics of a Good Marriage Worth Copying

We all know that good marriages won’t just come from heaven and fall on us.

We make them!

We can’t say, “I’m just unlucky to be in this marriage” because there is no luck with good marriages; only hard work. From my personal experience, this is the one thing I’ve noticed in all good marriages: There are two people who diligently work hard towards making their marriage better everyday.

So, whenever I see a good marriage, I ask this question, “Why do I feel like their marriage is better than mine?” And if my feeling is true, I always find more than one answer. Continue reading Characteristics of a Good Marriage Worth Copying

“Love is not an emotion”

On March 24, there was one tweet that annoyed some people a bit. The tweet goes like this: #Love is not an emotion; it is a #decision and a #commitment.

Well, first, let’s define what emotion is. Emotion is defined as any of the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc.

So, if we say, “Love is an emotion,” we pretty much are saying love is nothing but a feeling. Feeling is something we all experience as we go through life. We sometimes feel fearful and another time, we feel like we can conquer the whole world. Sometimes we feel like we have good feeling towards someone, and another time, we feel like we don’t have any feeling for them and we don’t even stand their presence for a second.

Can we then consider that experience of feeling high and low as love? Continue reading “Love is not an emotion”

“I believe sex is a necessity”

A4P Guest: “I’m confused. I read some of your posts where you talked about how important marital sexual intimacy is and how married couples have to make sure that they make love as often as they can. I also heard on one of your messages you uploaded on the A4P YouTube channel where you said, “Sexless marriages are dangerous marriages.” Now in your latest post, you said, “Sex is not a necessity.” Am I missing something or did you make a mistake? I always notice how an important role sex plays in the health of my own marriage. And I don’t know if my marriage survives without sex. I believe sex is a necessity.”

A4P: Well, the Bible says, “We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check.” (James 3:2) Continue reading “I believe sex is a necessity”

Fasting from Sex

A4P Guest: “My husband and I are born against Christians. We are members of one local church in our area. We try our best to get involved in every activity our church may have. For this Easter season, our church has a 21 days fasting program that we, my husband and I, are taking part in. So this past Sunday, after the church service, a topic came up about what to fast and what not to fast from. And some of our church folks said that our fasting should include fasting from sex for our fasting to be biblically right. I asked them to prove it for me from the Bible but nobody knew exactly what verse to tell me but they kept on claiming that it is biblical to fast from sex when we fast from food. I and my husband don’t think we need to fast from sex. What is your take on this issue? I don’t think sex has anything to do with fasting.”

A4P: Thank you for your timely question and thank you for giving me permission to address your question on the page.

Most churches use this Easter season for fasting. I think that is excellent! Fasting is one of the Christian disciplines that is becoming rare and considered as outdated. But fasting has the most spiritual significance in a Christian life as praying and studying the Word of God have. And I appreciate you and your husband for taking part in your church’s fasting program. Continue reading Fasting from Sex

New York from April 10 to 12!

Facebook-ad_NewYork April 2015

God opened yet another door for me and the Appeal for Purity Ministry to go and minister! Where? At the Emmanuel Worship Center in Bronx, New York from April 10 to 12.

I can’t tell you how excited I’m! Praise be to His Holy Name!

Within these three days, from April 10 to 12, I’m going to minister to teens, singles, married couples and to the whole Sunday morning congregation. Don’t miss it!

So, if you are in New York, mark your calendar to be there and worship God with us! If you are not going to be in the New York area but know people who are, invite them over on our behalf.

Blessings! ///