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The User’s Manual

There was a two hour school delay today because of the snow. So, I just came back home after I dropped off my kids to school.

While I was driving my youngest kids to school, I noticed the annoying warning yellow light being flashing on my dashboard. The sign looks like a screwdriver. I didn’t know what it was but I saw this light in the past, probably three times. But every time I see those different lights flashing on, I tell my hubby saying “I think there is something wrong with my car.”

My sons always ask me, “What is this light mom?” Continue reading The User’s Manual

Let Your Child Live!

Abortion stops a heartbeat of a human being God created in His own image and likeness; a human being God said, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” Jeremiah 1:5.

Don’t put your baby to death! Don’t let them take away your child from you. It is the devil who says, “Get rid of of the baby so that your life will be better.”

It is a lie! Your life won’t be better after you shade innocent blood. You may make a mistake and sleep outside marriage but God doesn’t make a mistake. It is God who brings a human being to this planet with plan and purpose; not sex. Let your child live! ///

Winner of the Valentine’s Day Game

Wow! Guys! Thank you so much for waiting for me this long! I was expecting somebody to inbox me saying, “When are you going to announce the winner?”

Well, I’m in the middle of being everywhere if you know what I mean.

I had a wonderful time at the Atlanta Pastor Tolossa church. It was kind of a miracle today for all of us. Oh, I love when the Holy Spirit takes over the service and does His own thing. I love Him! I love Him! I love Him! Continue reading Winner of the Valentine’s Day Game

The Valentine’s Day Game!

Yeap! We are going to run a wonderful game on the Valentine’s Day.

I know, I won’t be here in Maryland on that day but hey, technology made it easy for us to be at multiple places at the same time. So, while I am attending the Valentine’s Day celebration at the Atlanta church, I will be here on this page running the game.

Remember, there is a prize for the winner of this game!

So, here is how we are going to play the game.

On Saturday, February 14 from 11am to 3pm, the Appeal for Purity Facebook page feature which allows you to post a picture will be on. Continue reading The Valentine’s Day Game!

Back to Snowy and Rainy Maryland!


Glad to be back to Maryland even if Maryland is covered with black ice! Yeah, that is how Maryland rolls these days!

After staying in Las Vegas for the weekend with a weather ranging from 74 to 76 degree, I was very disappointed yesterday afternoon to find myself in Maryland with freezing point weather.

I had a wonderful time with the Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church folks at Las Vegas! Continue reading Back to Snowy and Rainy Maryland!

“Fifty Shades Trilogy”

What is it? It is a series of three erotic romance novels! They are called: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

I am not sure if you already heard my message I gave on the Berea teleconference last Saturday or a week earlier. But if you did, you should have heard me mentioning these books. Well, I said few words about these books in the context of parenting; so that parents would save their daughters from these novels.

Well, today I want to warn everybody about these novels because a movie is made on the Fifty Shades of Grey and it coming out in theaters across America on a day before the Valentine’s Day.

The trilogy has only three years of history. That means the trilogy came out within three years time frame. Within these three years, it won the market in a way that made it second to the Bible by the number of sell (100 million copies are sold so far). Can you just imagine what that means? Continue reading “Fifty Shades Trilogy”

2015 Premarital Class

Well, you know that I don’t like cold weather and snow. So, I’m not that much excited about winter season.

However I have one reason to be very excited about this season and that reason is our church’s yearly premarital class. This class is given every year from Jan to April for soon to be married couples. This is my seventh year to teach in this wonderful class.

I am thrilled to tell you that this year we have thirteen couples! And let me tell you something, the brides are the most beautiful girls you can ever find. I have no idea where these young men found these cute girls. If you want to learn something from these handsome men as to how to find a cute girl, you can come and ask them, I think. Continue reading 2015 Premarital Class

Questions on the post titled “Sex on Skype”

A4P Guest: . . . . If a couple can’t be together to have sex because of immigration problem, why don’t they use Skype? Instead of burning from sexual desire and be tempted to . . . in this way they can protect each other . . . . When you do not know in what situation this couple is, how can you judge them for using Skype as their sexual outlet? Do you think they prefer to do it on Skype? I think the problem is this: We have hard time to understand others’ problem when we do not experience the problem ourselves . . .

A4P: Use Skype for what? Continue reading Questions on the post titled “Sex on Skype”

Roe V. Wade – 01/22/1973

01/22/1973 – The day America legalizes abortion in all fifty states – so far 56 million babies lost their lives in America; that means 137 babies an hour.

I love to hear the truth about abortion only from women who went through it because they judge nobody; they just tell what it is; as it is.

As always Focus on the Family ministry had a wonderful radio show today and I heard it on my phone since I was busy when they aired the program. I already shade my tears with these wonderful women and it is now your turn. Here is the link:

Wow! Who can tell a woman not to count the age of her baby’s age; the baby she didn’t give a chance to live???? No one! ///