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That is all!

When a wife says to her husband, “I feel so stressed and down,” she is not asking him to fix her, or fix the conflict she has at her job or fix her kids who might be driving her crazy.

No, no, no! She is not asking him that. All she is asking him is this: “Can you show me some love so that I can pick myself up to fix my problems and be respectful towards you?”

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Healthy marriages protect kids From Sexual addiction

There are great purposes why God created marriage, a covenantal relationship between one man and one woman. And one of the zillion purposes of marriage is to raise kids who are mentally and emotionally healthy.

Healthy marriages are like “Petri Dishes” to grow “healthy and godly children” on. When that “Petri Dish” that good ground is disturbed, the ones who suffer the most are kids.

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Did I already say “Happy Anniversary to Appeal for Purity?”

Oops, I think I did! Sorry I’m very excited about it. You have no idea what is going on behind the scene!

Only God is worthy to receive all the glory and praise for making this ministry to stay strong throughout this year! If it was for the devil and enemy of my soul, not only this ministry but I would have been long forgotten! Continue reading Did I already say “Happy Anniversary to Appeal for Purity?”

Sex before Marriage

Let’s first see a theoretical story as an example for the many similar real and true stories I frequently encounter in my ministry:

A couple, while they were dating, they kept on putting themselves in a very tempting environment. Their relationship didn’t start that way. Both of them had clear boundaries when it comes to sexual purity and they communicated that clearly but they let one compromise sneak in to their relationship.

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The Most Depressing Reason to Get Married

The most depressing, frustrating and disappointing reason to marry is to have sex. Do you know why? Well, let me give one analogy to make my point clear:

Let’s assume that a married couple has sexual intimacy three times a week. (I’m not suggesting that having sex three times a week is the norm or anything. It can be a norm for some and for some, three times a week may feel like a fasting season).

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