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For All “TeenVogue” Fans

Here is the response to the TeenVogue insensitive article about abortion.

If you have teens in your household, please let them watch this video and discuss. If they don’t read TeenVogue, let them still watch this because most of their friends in school are reading this magazine.



“I Write My Own Wedding Vows”

Where did this “I write my own wedding vows” kind of thing come from?
I am not really sure; but I know this much: Social media and those Kardashian kinds of reality shows may have played some role into it. Talk about a wedding ceremony, you hear, “They even wrote their own wedding vows.” I mean, they choose their gender, they call any relationship a marriage; and who should write their wedding vows but them, right?

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You Train Them Then – – –

You Train Them Then – – –

– – – they turn back to you and remind you of how you’ve trained them.

This is the beauty of mentoring.

From the many spiritual disciplines I wanted to impart to my kids, fasting was one of them. Seeking God while letting go of the very things we love to eat and do is one of the most precious spiritual disciplines we all Christians should incorporate into our lives. Continue reading You Train Them Then – – –

Blessed in What They Do

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, this is my second time coming to you. I’m 25 year old single girl. I want to stay away from sex until I get married. I know, I said that to you last time too and your first question for me was, “Why do you want to stay away from sex before marriage?” And I now know how to answer that question. I want to save sex for marriage because my body is not compatible with the kind of sex that is found outside of marriage; God created neither sex nor my body for that kind of environment. If I refuse to accept this truth, I hurt nobody but myself and my body as it is written in 1 Cor. 6:18.

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