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My Wish to Marry A Christian Man

A4P Guest: “I am a 40 year old woman. I grew up in a well-educated family, have a BA, on the looks department, I am okay, I have a pretty face, bit short, great confidence, beautiful heart,( as told by people). I am not a born-again Christian, but I am faithful, love to read the Bible, and Christian articles, very curious for knowledge, I love to read a variety of books, from children’s stories to politics. I love to dance, I don’t drink. I have had a range of boyfriends, mostly kind and good guys never had a full sexual relationship with anyone, due to my views, that sexual relationships are best only in marriage, as I believe God’s wish is. Right now, I don’t have any boyfriend, but these days I am facing a big problem, my family is pressuring me either to get married or have a baby out of wedlock (I am the eldest child, out of four siblings). I do understand their concern, and wish/dream to become grandparents, uncles, aunties, but it is also against my wish and belief to have a child out of wedlock. The option of being married is out of the picture right now. So what do I do? I know my parents are not getting any younger, nor am I for that matter. My wish to marry a humble Christian man, be a faithful wife, build a Christian family is becoming almost a mirage. I have prayed hard for the right partner, but my Boaz is nowhere to be found. I am stuck between fulfilling my and my family’s wishes the wrong way, or spend the rest of my life, alone, childless, and killing everyone’s dream and wishes, what do I do? You can share it on your Facebook page, some women might have the same problem so we can learn from each other, but keep my identity a secret.”
A4P: I believe you are at a tough place in life. Sure you are a bit older. I get it, you are 40 but I’m not sure why you said “The option of being married is out of the picture right now.”

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All You Need is a Brain That Works

A4P Guest: I’m 32 years old and my finance is 28. We both are born-again Christians, I think (I mean, I am sure about myself). We are getting married after three weeks. Everything is set to go. But I am thinking of backing out from it all but I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing.
A4P: I’m so sorry that you are thinking to back out from it. What is going on?
A4P Guest: I don’t trust my wife-to-be?

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Few Things about Marriage Counseling

I made this video message this afternoon to say few things about marriage counseling.

For those of you who can’t understand Amharic, I’m hoping that this video will be captioned in English soon. Please bear with us. But for today, the main message of the video is: Let’s put counseling in its rightful place in order to get the full benefit of it. ///

Praying to Ethiopia

Praying to Ethiopia and all the families and friends of Ethiopians who lost their lives.

Oh, Lord, remember Ethiopia as You remembered Sara! I lift my people, all Ethiopians, to you in prayer! Have mercy on us for the sake of our fathers and mothers who faithfully sought you and are seeking You even now; above all, have mercy on us all for the sake of Your Son, our only Hope, Jesus Christ. ///