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“My Love Sees No Flaw In You”

I was in a kitchen this past Tuesday night, trying to fix dinner. My little one, Biruk, came from downstairs, holding a big white envelop on his hand that was full of pictures. He had a smile on his face and some sadness.
I’m like, “What is that?”
His big brother was sitting on the coffee table and he asked him,
“What are those pictures?”

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Positive Attitude Benefit You

A4P Guest: “I’ve been married for the past five years and I have two little kids. My husband and I don’t communicate that much and we always argue. I’m struggling to respect him and he is struggling to show me any sort of love. I can hardly remember a day that I enjoyed my life with him. I was in love with him when we were dating and then I will say, after about three months into our marriage, we began arguing for every little thing and disagreements. I always decide to be the first one to stop but I always find myself in the middle of a heated argument. What do you advise me to do?” Continue reading Positive Attitude Benefit You

“Hey Baby, Let’s Go Out For Dinner”

Do you know that most of us wives want our husbands to read our minds?

Yes, we do. The funny part, at least for me, is this: We usually don’t know that we are demanding our husbands to read our minds. Let me give you one simple example to show you how this reality plays out on a day to day life.

A wife plans to have a date night with her husband and plans out the details. She doesn’t tell him that she is thinking about it. Then one night as they go to bed, she suggests: “Hey Baby, let’s go out for dinner tomorrow night, alone, without our kids.” Continue reading “Hey Baby, Let’s Go Out For Dinner”

Don’t Get Stuck! Move On!

One of the spiritual principles God has been hammering into my heart is this: Don’t get stuck! Move on!

No matter what I’m going through, God, who has so much confidence in His abounding mercy and grace, keeps on saying, “Leave that behind and move on to the next one! Don’t get stuck!”

However, for me to move on, I need to close the previous chapter well because the way I choose to close the previous chapter determines the success of my moving on to the next chapter, otherwise the previous chapter hinders me.

The Bible verse I tend to refer to on how I can move on is this:

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” (Hebrews 12:1-2a)

These two and short verses are loaded with countless truths.

But the one truth I want to draw your attention to today is this: Notice how the word of God shows us that it is completely up to us to “throw off” everything that hinders us. Everything means literally everything, sin included.

Once we throw all these things out of our lives, we will have a clear understanding of our call; we will be able to fix our eyes and get a clear view of our Lord and Savior, the beginner and finisher of our faith. Then, and only then, can we move on to the next chapter.

Otherwise, guess what we (most of us) tend to do? We tend to go around and blame others and our circumstances. Of course we also blame the devil.

Usually the devil and his angels don’t have anything to do with us if we get stuck. They’re like, “Our job is done here,” and they go to the one who is bothering their kingdom. When we get stuck, we don’t even bother the devil’s hair, let alone his kingdom.

Some people respond to this like: “But the devil blocked my way as he did to Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2:18.”

Are you kidding? Paul was covering the entire Rome with his Gospel when he wrote this. He was converting many pagans to Christianity, including many Jews. He was not sitting there and lamenting for his luck.


So, let’s throw off everything that hinders us and run our race, fixing our eyes on Jesus. If the devil blocks our way, it is a sign that we are destroying his kingdom.

And remember this please: When the devil closes one door, God opens the whole world for us. He blocked Paul’s way to go to the Thessalonica but God literally opened the whole world to Paul.

Why? Because the message is God’s message, not man’s. Whether the devil likes it or not, that message shall reach to the ends of the earth.

This kind of thinking overwhelms my soul beyond measure. May Jesus be praised forever! ///