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If you have a question

Hi A4P fans:

Hope this message finds you all in good health! I will be on Facebook for the next two and half hours and if you happen to have a question or two, let me know. If it is something I think I have an answer for, I will let you know. If I have no clue, I will let you know of that too and we will look for an answer together.

In the meantime, I will post one wonderful question with my answer.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Take care,
In Him, Missy.
P. S. If you read this via email, send me your question through my email: missysaltandlight

“Help! My husband says he doesn’t want sex anymore”

“The End” is a wonderful phrase at the end of a boring or, in my case, a scary movie.

In the flip side of it, I don’t like “The End” phrase especially at the end of “Tommy and Jerry” kinds of shows.

And when we come to a real life, don’t you think the invisible “The End” phrase comes up very soon after every good and memorable moment? Don’t you want to “pause” your life at your wedding dinner party or Honeymoon night, or at those exciting delivery room experiences of seeing your first child for the first time? Continue reading “Help! My husband says he doesn’t want sex anymore”

My Single Brother

Lol, yes, I do have an old brother who is single. For marriage, he said,

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"Thank you, but no, thank you" and find out why he said no for marriage by going to his website:

You never know, you may say "No" to marriage to.

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The Insanely Funny Question I’ve Received today

A4P Guest: Can masturbation lock one in singleness?

A4P: Hmm, let me paraphrase it so that it sounds right for me to address it right on.

“Can sexual immorality lock one in singleness?”

And the answer is: Yes, it can.

A4P Guest: Does that mean all married couples are married because they were free of sexual immorality? Continue reading The Insanely Funny Question I’ve Received today

Both Old and New Testament Say Sex outside Marriage Brings death

When we read Deuteronomy chapter 22, we read commands what to do with the unmarried couple who had sex before marriage.

Simply put, it says, take them out and stone them to death.

If we say the Bible is the Word of God, Beloved, we have to believe that Deuteronomy is also the Word of God. And the Word of God doesn’t change. No one can change it. It remains forever. Continue reading Both Old and New Testament Say Sex outside Marriage Brings death

That is all!

A4P Guest: I like what you write and I appreciate what you’re trying to do but there is one thing that concerns me a bit. You give so much emphasis on sex before marriage on some of your articles.

You said that sex before marriage is something sinful; or as you said on one of your articles “sex before marriage is fire that destroys our future blessings and brings curse to our lives”. Continue reading That is all!

Hooray! Mother’s Day!

It’s been almost five years now since my kids started to bring me breakfast on my bed on Mother’s Day morning. I’m an early bird and it is hard to find me on my bed in the morning. So, they have to work hard with their dad to make it all happen. Duh! They can’t surprise me in the morning.

So, one year, I think last year, I got up from my sleep and left the room without making any noise. Well, apparently, my hubby was told to keep me in the bed. Continue reading Hooray! Mother’s Day!

Another movie to celebrate about!

A4P is not a movie advertising “billboard”, lol, but if the movie directors are genuine Christians who want to communicate the truth about family and marriage between one man and one woman, the movie will be for my house to watch and for me to tell others to watch via A4P and anything way so that these amazing movie directors will receive enough support from us to do it again.

Well, I heard about this movie for quite some time now but I didn’t hear anything about it from the Christian leaders whom I hold with high esteem. None of them say a word about it. So, I was not sure about it. Continue reading Another movie to celebrate about!

Irreplaceable movie coming back again!

I have a very exhilarating news!

The documentary movie the “Irreplaceable”, is going to be on theaters again Thursday, May 15. The challenge for all of us is to invite others, to buy ticket for those who may be reluctant to spend money on documentary movie and making this news viral so that people will hear about and watch this life-changing movie!

Please, let’s do our part and God will take care of the rest.