Thank You And – – –

I would like to say thank you for your kind and heartfelt condolences you poured on me since last weekend.

May God bless you!
You have no idea how God comforted my grieving soul with your kind words. I am eternally thankful for God blessing my life with each one of you. I am glad I shared my pain and hurt with all of you.
Yes, my sister’s departure from this life hurt me and my family in a big way but God’s winsome way of comforting us became even bigger! May His name be praised forever!
I made this video to thank you all and I want to once again raise awareness among our Christian communities how a marriage between one man and one woman is noble and honorable.
Unless a couple is married legally, means, unless they have a marriage certificate of their matrimony, their union cannot be called a marriage.
And if two unmarried people sleep together, it is called fornication, not marriage. And when two people fornicate, God cannot be glorified, be His name will be defamed and God cannot bless a union that defamed His name. Their union becomes a source of pain and suffering for them and their children.
I so far met lots of young women who are in a relationship that is not a marriage. Their little ones suffer. The women came to America from Ethiopia with a “fiance visa” and the men didn’t marry them, but they sleep with them.
Why do people bring their “fiance” with a “fiance visa”, why don’t they married them and bring them with “a spouse visa?”
Because if they bring them with a “fiance visa,” the process will take shorter, means like a year. So, they do their wedding ceremony in churches but they don’t get married legally.
The Bible says,
“He who finds a wife finds what is good
and receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22 NASB
This verse does not say, “He who finds a fiance or a woman” but “a wife.”
And there is only blessing in living according to the word of God.
“Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” Hebrews 13:4 NASB
Keeping a marriage bed pure can save a generation while adultery and sexual immorality destroy a generation from the inside out. ///