Rethinking Faith & Politics

A good friend of mine, Pastor Abby Emeshaw, forwarded this flyer to me this morning; their annual retreat program.

The program is going to be on ZOOM this Saturday and Sunday (I think, by invitation only as I can see from the flyer).
And the topic is “Rethinking faith and politics,” with the subtopic, “Christian engagement in national issues.”
What a wonderful topic to deal with and provide an opportunity for the church community to take part in the nation building process.
Many Christians believe that politics and national issues have to be left to non-Christians.
I mean, I am not sure if there is a passage or a verse in the Bible to indicate as such but I think we Christians should get involved in all sectors of society and national issues and I think the word of God supports that.
And Ethiopia as a nation, being at the state it is in, I believe we all Ethiopians need to engage in one way or another to determine the fate of our country, Ethiopia, and the next generation. We need to develop a habit of engaging in national dialogues with a brotherly love and compassionate attitude and not a hatred to one another nor attacking on tribal and/or religious affinities. I don’t think we need a verse to back that up. That is very clear.
I am so glad to see Unique 7000 Church leaders dedicating one of their annual retreat programs to this pressing issue. I am especially happy for the young Ethiopians who are going to attend this program.
Kudos to you, Pastor Abby, for stepping up to the plate to address these topics that many Ethiopian Church leaders seem to shy away from. May God bless you! ///