“Discretion will guard you”

The Bible says,

Discretion will guard you,
Understanding will watch over you,” Proverbs 2:11 NASB

But how can one guard him/herself if they don’t have sound doctrine?

They can’t!

If they don’t have basic understanding of the teaching of the Bible, how can they watch over themselves?

They can’t.

The above video is about the teaching of New Creation Church (NCC) and similar dangerous and unbiblical teachings that I wrote on Thursday.

To see if the teaching we are getting is biblical or not, the following elementary questions may help us (Note: If you are standing on sound doctrine, “the second questions” are true in your life):

  1. Do you usually feel entertained after the church program or do you get filled with the “awe of God?
  2. Do you always jump up and down with what you hear, or, sometimes go home and repent of your sin because you are convicted of your sin?
  3. Do you seem to love this material world more, or do you start scoring this world and things of this material world?
  4. Do you find yourself talking about how you were able to get healed from your sicknesses and how you got blessed by material things by believing in Jesus Christ; or do you find yourself talking about the glory of Christ Jesus, how He died for YOU, the undeserved sinner, and how you desire to be with Him, how you long to be with Him in heaven?
  5. Do you find yourself fighting with Satan and the angle of death so you won’t die, or do you find yourself scorning death and sufferings of this world for you take comfort from what is waiting for you in heaven?
  6. Do you find yourself rejecting your sufferings, or do you welcome them knowing that they have great purpose and goal in your life according to the word?
  7. Do you lead your life according to your feelings or by the prophecy of others; or do you strive to lead your life according to the word of God?

You may ask:- Where do I get sound doctrine?

I can only share with you what I know to be true in my life.

I used to follow all famous heretic teachers I am speaking against now for a long time but once I got introduced to Reformed Theology, I stopped following these false teachers and reading their books. Instead I began reading and studying my Bible, being helped by many Reformers, Reformers from our time and reformers from 17th and 18th hundreds.  
So, it is a joy for me to tell you about Reformed Theology. Read about it. And know that all books you see on this page from day one are written by Reformers. It is my prayer that you will get blessed by this theology as much as I and my family have been blessed by it through many years. ///