After watching this, many things came to my mind. I am not sure where to begin but in short, this man, Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, is a different human being from many of us.

No wonder many want to get rid of him!
You know, Jesus Christ, when he was walking on this earth, people wanted to get rid of Him because He was different mainly from those so called “religious people.”
And with Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, many now are saying, “He is a manipulator, he is the most selfish person ever created on this planet earth. All he cares is for his name. He always dreams to be famous. He care less for poor people but for nice pictures he takes. And he loves power.” Hmm! Now they are gathering psychologists and scientists to convince us that he is the man we need to get rid of as soon as we’re able to say A, B, C.
I don’t know about you but for me this is what is really happening with me: The more they try to defame him, the more I am choosing him to be my leader. I mean, who else then????
Oh, Ethiopia! At what speed you ran backward! You were first in the world in many ways but because of your own “children,” you were forced to run backward. You indeed ran as fast as your marathon runners, the difference is they ran forward, but you, Ethiopia, ran backward.
How would we know if it wasn’t for Dr. Abiy that we had such a beautiful history, a collection of amazing souvenirs, rare Mercedes, Dodges and all? Now we know. Now we see.
Ugh! I can’t help but feel jealous of the new generation, kids who are in the age of 5 and 10. They are blessed by God to be born and raised in Ethiopia during this time.
About Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, what else can I say except to say what I said two years ago:
“ንጉስ ሆይ ሽህ ዓመት ንገስ!”
“ልፉ” ቢላቸው እንጂ እኔ በበኩሌ ዶ/ር አብይ አንተን መጥላት አይሆንልኝም! ///
P. S. By the way, make sure you don’t miss the analogy of the fox.