I Heard This – – –

“If you want to destroy a society, do the following three things:

1. Target and destroy the family in the society
2. Target and destroy the education system of the society
3. Target and destroy iconic individuals the new and young generation of the society looks up to.

To destroy the family, belittle the role of a mother. Make every woman of the society ashamed of motherhood! Make “stay-at home-mom” the most shameful work a woman can do. Make every stay at home mom ashamed to call herself, “a stay at home mom.” In that way, you can decapitate women to give forth to good citizens. Then the new generation will be incapable of doing anything worthy of mention.

To destroy the education system, dishonor the value and worth of good and knowledgeable teachers; defame them all to the point that the society will eventually stop giving them any attention and totally forget them and their good deeds.

To destroy iconic people that the society is looking up to, defame both their names and their good deeds; make effective propaganda so the society will be ashamed of their names and their good deeds.”


The moment I heard this, I said to myself, “Hmm! This is very familiar.”

I wonder, is it familiar to you?

If so, in what way? When you read it, what do you remember or think?

And do you agree with the “theory,” to destroy a society, those three things are important sectors of a society to target and destroy?

And, is this theory true in a positive sense, means, if you target and work on building those three sectors of a society, will you be able to build and strengthen a society?

Looking forward to reading your comments! ///