Self-Evident Fools

Reading books makes life manageable, bearable, and enjoyable for me in this dark world.

Yes, I love reading books but only books written by spiritual men and women.

Well, the word “spiritual” today may mean anything ranging from a person who claims to see Jesus Christ in his bedroom every morning, to the person who creates his own god and puts him in a chimney and worships.

So, I think I need to be a bit more descriptive than that. So, when I say “spiritual men and women,” I mean to say people who are standing on solid, biblical doctrines.

For me personally, I don’t know if there is any solid biblical doctrine other than Reformed Theology.

Reformed Theology heals your spiritual insanity and brings you to your senses, to your spiritual sanity. Isn’t that lovely? I think it is.

That is exactly what Reformed Theology did to me and still is doing. Praise God!

So I love reading books written by Reformers. And one of my favorite preachers and writers is the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon. He indeed is the prince! Hands down!

I usually read his Bible commentaries once a day, or listen to one of his sermons from “Christian Sermons and Audio Books” YouTube channel. Fantastic channel to Subscribe to and follow!

Today, during my morning devotion, I read Spurgeon’s commentaries on Paul’s letters known as pastoral letters, and one of his statements captured my heart and I am still meditating on it. I thought it would be nice to share it with you, hoping it will touch your heart:

“the most self-evident truth will always find self-evident fools to contradict it.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

I love Spurgeon’s and Luther’s sarcastic statements!

Sometimes it is annoying to reply to the self-evident fools, don’t you think so? They don’t read/study their Bibles but when it comes to sharing a piece of their minds about the truth of the Bible, they are first to speak up .

You open your mouth, or start typing to reply to them, but you stop because you know for sure that they have absolutely no ears that are able to hear what you have to say; they only have a mouth to speak. Isn’t that sad!

It is especially sad when you see this attitude in people who profess to be “Christians,” followers of Christ.

But the truth of the matter is WE ALL have this same tendency/attitude if we are not careful enough. We want to say much when we know very little. This tendency of ours gets ugly when it exhibits itself during a biblical discussion.

Quoting a verse is not the best way to make a point during a biblical discussion if we have absolutely no understanding and knowledge about that particular verse. Most self-evident truths of God actually don’t really need much discussions because they are straightforward.

If we don’t know anything about a verse or the truth of God but still continue saying something about it, as Spurgeon said, “the most self-evident truth will always find self-evident fools to contradict it.”

Hmm! I don’t know about you, but for me personally, this is very convicting! ///