A Virtual Church Is An Oxymoron

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Lord's Day Morning Service | May 17, 2020

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Posted by Grace Community Church on Sunday, May 17, 2020

My! I am convicted and rebuked by the word of God. Praise God!
A very timely message ever! We all need to hear this message.

The message is all about the church and the fellowship of Christians.

Let me be honest with you:

Yes, I do miss going to church. I do miss worshiping God with those in whom Christ lives. That is for sure! I mean, I desperately missed the corporate worship. But I am kind of getting used to staying home on Sundays.

Today has been, I think, the eighth or ninth Sunday since we’ve last gone to church. So, naturally, we humans get used to any environment or circumstance that we find ourselves in for more than six weeks.

So, even if I miss going to church to fellowship with other believers in Christ, I am also getting used to staying home on Sunday and worshiping God virtually.

Today I learned from Pastor John MacArthur’s sermon that my fellowship with other Christians is very crucial. As “virtual marriage” is an oxymoron, so is a virtual church. Christ didn’t die for people who fellowship and commune virtually, but for people who physically meet in a real world.

May God take this fear of getting Corona away from us so we can once again enjoy our meeting and fellowship in a real church building.

Oh, God! I missed being hugged by Christians, people who love Jesus Christ. Yes, we all need one another. There is no “a lone ranger Christian” kind of thing in Christianity and we all should fight against falling in love with this virtual fellowship/church. Our fellowship, fellowship of people who are bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, is the only beacon of light and hope to this dark world and it is the source of strength and comfort for all us.

So, let’s continue praying for God to forgive us of our sins and return us back to our fellowship in a real church building. God will hear our prayers. May His name be glorified forever!

Before I finish off my note for today though, let me share with you one very short Amharic worship song that came into my heart the moment I opened my eyes this morning. It says, “If Christ is in my boat (or, in my home), I have everything I need.” It’s okay if you don’t understand the Amharic words; if you are in Christ, you can still worship God with me knowing that you and I, everything we need in this life is found in Christ. So, if we have Him in our hearts, we have everything we need. Amen! That means, we can rejoice in Him always and we are content in Him in all circumstances we find ourselves in. May His name be praised!

“ጌታ እየሱስ ቤቴ ካለ:

ሙሉ ነው ይበቃኛል:: (3X)”

If there is any worship song in your heart today, please share it with me in the comment section. For Christians, our number one duty in this life and the life to come is to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

By the way, if you know the whole lyrics of the Amharic song I shared with you above, please share it with me. I only know those two lines. If there is any YouTube link for the whole song, that would be even better so I can learn worshiping God with the whole song. ///