The Message That Changed My Life for Good

What changed my life? Reformed Theology!

Reformed Theology is usually known and described in short by the acronym TULIP. You can read about these five major points of Reformed Theology by clicking the link. Including the introduction, you find six points:

1. Introduction
2. Total Depravity (which by the way has been changed to “Absolute Inability” – if I am not mistaken, it was changed by John MacArthur – and I personally liked that change.)
3. Unconditional Election
4. Limited Atonement
5. Irresistible Grace
6. Perseverance of the Saints
If you want the video presentation of TULIP, presented by one of my favorite Reformed theologians, John Piper, here is the link:

The video has 9 parts!

Reformed Theology totally changed my life, forever, leaving me never to look back and entertain any other ways to know and understand the word of God, as well as to know and follow God.

Please watch/read carefully, of course referring to your Bible and taking notes.

Believe me in this:

You will never, NEVER regret that you did! ///