A Dark Day for DC


Please guys, let’s pray for those who are fighting for their lives as we speak; pray for the families whose loved ones are in ICU and pray for health care professionals who are risking their lives.

And let’s pray for those who lost their loved ones, especially yesterday and today in our area.

When the number of cases for New York went down, I thought that was the case for every state. I guess not!

One mother of four kids, Wogene Kumssa, is one of the COVID-19 victims in our area. She gave birth to her fourth child, Levi, days before she died yesterday.

Please let’s lift her husband and kids up to God in prayer. This is a very sad and incalculable loss. May God comfort her husband, her children, and her family and friends.

And at the same time, please let’s financially support the family. Let’s give whatever we can give. No gift is too small.

As always, I won’t come to you before I do my part. Giving is the best (and I think the only) way to bless our innermost being. It is a source of joy to stand together to help the ones who are hurting and grieving.

So, please give! May God bless you! ///