Choose to be Born or Not

If one does not believe in election, they cannot believe in the Sovereignty of God.

And if Christians don’t believe in the Sovereignty of God, they believe in the free will, they believe that they choose to be born again or not to be born again.
This is like a baby can choose whether to be born or not.
This is crazy.
Two books I recommend to anyone who is interested to read on free will:
“The Freedom of the Will” by Jonathan Edwards.
“On the Bondage of the Will,” by Martin Luther
In addition, I want to share with you this short description of free will I found from “The Reformed Study Bible.”
In my opinion, Reformed Theology is the answer for the “Once Upon a time” fairy tale kind of preaching we hear from the pulpit today.
It is my daily prayer these days for God to use this time of COVID-19 to return the church back to her original glory and honor! ///