Coming to You Again!

My dear brothers and sisters, I am coming to you again with another God-given opportunity to be a blessing to others.
Whenever I take part in something good, it is not good enough for me until I share it with someone.
So, I am sharing a link with you. This is to help people back in Ethiopia to be well prepared to fight back COVID-19.

If you get a chance to watch the etv news today, you will know that it is a hopeless situation in Ethiopia. People still congregate in hundreds.
There is no awareness among our people yet even if the news is all about COVID-19.
Please guys, let’s donate. No gift is too small! Please my friends, who knows? Maybe God kept us you and I for such a time as this. It is because of God’s mercy and grace that we are alive and well today. So, please let’s do something so others will be saved. May God bless bless you! ///