Happy ADWA to All Ethiopians!

I have never celebrated ADWA before.
Because I have never learned, read and heard much about it. But now I have!

So, today I am celebrating 124th anniversary of ADWA with all Ethiopians. I wish I was in Ethiopia.
It is okay. I can celebrate it wherever I am.
ADWA, a victory day not only to Ethiopians but to all Africans, black people!
Ethiopia, an African country that has never been colonized!
Ufff! How proud I am of this story! Because of our fore-fathers and mothers, we are here to tell the story and be proud of!
I lost my paternal grandpa for this freedom. My dad didn’t have a father because his dad was one of the heroes who gave their lives to make Ethiopia a free African country.
May God bless our Ethiopian fore-fathers and mothers who have given us a free, never been colonized beautiful country.
Now with the help of God and wonderful leaders like Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali and others, Ethiopia shall become a great nation soon! Praise God!
I found this poster (the poster I am sharing with you) from Dr. Abiy’s Facebook page. If you still don’t know his Facebook page (I know there are many fake accounts n his name), here is his authentic Facebook page:
And here is the note that Dr. Abiy posted on his page 11 hours ago regarding ADWA:
“The Victory of #Adwa is not only a national victory. It is a victory that re-initiated the birth of Africa’s freedom. This hard-fought freedom shows how we can make the future of #Africa positive in cooperation.
Again, happy ADWA to all Ethiopians.
If you are not from Ethiopia or if you are Ethiopian and for whatever reason you do not want to celebrate ADWA, happy Monday to you! ///