We Dedicate Our Marriage Anniversary



Today, Friday, March 27, 2020, my husband Berhanmeskel Tenkir Banko and I celebrate our 23rd marriage anniversary.

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Rebuke the Angel of Death

The devil seems to have a big part in some people’s lives.  
Since they see the devil as the sole mover and shaker of this world, the one to be blamed for pretty much every “bad” thing that happens in their lives, they take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for anything.
At the wake of coronavirus, they ask: Okay. Tell me! So, is coronavirus from God or from the devil?

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What we need at this moment in history is many MEN OF GOD!

That is all we need! Men of God who genuinely lead us in prayer with tears of confession and repentance so this coronavirus may awake America up from her spiritual slumber/death. ///


On His Throne

The news gets worse by the hour. Now the air itself seems to whisper terror.

It feels like someone speeding on the highway has completely lost control of the car that is our world.

But when I close my bedroom door behind me and spread my prayer mat and fall on my face before God, everything feels normal again.

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