Thrilled To Share This!

Praise God!

All married couples are invited!
Yes! If you are married and live in the DMV area, you are invited to attend this married couple’s program, called “Celebrating Marriage 2020”. 
If you live outside the DMV area, you’re welcome to attend too. It will actually be a nice weekend getaway with your spouse. 

This is our fourth annual marriage program and you have no idea how excited we are. 
We used to have this program in the month of February but from this year on, we decided to do it in April so we can get a chance to enjoy the sun. Why should we have to deal with snow/cold weather in the month of February? No point! 
So, we do it in April and we invite every married couple to come and attend this wonderful program. 
The program is going to be held on Saturday, April 25 from 9am to 5pm at Sheraton College Park North Hotel in their fantastic ballroom. Food and beverage will be provided and served by Sheraton Hotel
All you need to do is, click the link below and register! Limited seats are available. So, register and reserve your seat now.  
We are going to have lots of fun and laughter. This year I am preparing teachings on sensitive issues that are not usually addressed well in the Habesha Communities but silently destroying many marriages.  
It is a whole day program and we’ll have different sessions which include Q&A session at the end.
Please don’t miss this program. And make sure you share the link with others. Bless you! ///
P. S. The program won’t be video recorded.