“Marriage is a Duet”

“Marriage is a duet in need of back-ground singers.”
Who said this?

Ted Cunningham, “the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri.”
Pastor Cunningham is a very funny speaker. He was featured on Focus on the Family Radio show this week to talk about his latest book, “Fun Loving You: Enjoying Your marriage in the midst of the Grind,”
I am yet to read this book and you have no idea how excited I am because I love laughing, especially with my Honey-bun
My! Yes, laughter is a good medicine. The Bible says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine,” Proverbs 17:22a NLT
So, make sure you get this book so you learn to laugh. I mean, most of us, especially those of us who live in the West, we kinda forget to laugh, don’t we? But laughter is a good medicine to our well-being.
Anyways, so, marriage being “a duet in need of back-ground singers” is all about a married couple needing others to help them make it in their “until death do us part” journey called “MARRIAGE.”
When a young married couple has role models to look up to and people who encourage them to do marriage well, to stick it out together as one team through thick and thin, they can finish the race as a cute duet, singing a memorable song that can be heard for generations to come.
The problem is, many young couples think that they have what it takes to make their marriages a successful one and from the outset, they set themselves up for disappointments and heartaches.
So, what I am saying?
Please, if your marriage is still young, surround your marriage with smart “back-ground singers” who are for your marriage, who encourage and challenge you to work on and beautify your marriage for your own honor, pleasure and fulfillment and ultimately for the glory of God. 
Then when your turn comes to be “a back-ground singer” to your kids’ marriage or to someone you know in church or neighborhood, you will be an effective and powerful back-ground singer who brings out the unique and beautiful voice of the duet. ///