Take One Step Back

If you feel like you found the love of your life, a person so beautiful/handsome who understands you more than anybody else, a person you can talk to for hours without realizing that you talked for six hours and you are already thinking about your wedding and your children you are going to have with this person BUT it’s only been two or three weeks since you met this person,

You are drunk!
Stop and take one step back. Then take at least three or four days off from everyone, including yourself and this person and be present before God.
Let the Word of God do some kind of mental and emotional check up on you.
Then discuss your situation with someone who is spiritually and mentally more matured than you, preferably also older than you, and hear what they have to say.
You know, when we ride a very speedy train of life, more often than not, we end up in a ditch where nobody can snatch us out until we harvest ALL the consequences of our childish, careless and mindless wrong choices. ///