This Book Took Away My Evening!

I was planning to do something else but this book took away my evening and I want to share it with you. But the truth is, I am willing to let go of many of my evenings to finish this audio-book because this is the kind of book I need to listen to/read. 

“The Sovereignty of God,” written by Arthur Walkington Pink (1 April 1886 – 15 July 1952) – his name is usually written as: A. W. Pink.
You may be overwhelmed when you see the length of the audio-book (almost 10 hour) but just see it this way: The Sovereignty of God, in my opinion, is something we Christians need to get it right before we try to get other doctrines of God and man.
I believe, especially among our communities, Ethiopian and Eritrean Christian communities, this doctrine, the sovereignty of God, is little known or understood.
Many people claim to know the doctrine of the sovereignty of God but within two, three minutes of discussion about it, they deny the very thing they claim to know and understand.
I am one of those people and I am striving these days to get this doctrine right, according to the word of God. And to tell you the truth, I have been trying to read as much as I can about the sovereignty of God since 2017 and I am still scratching the surface.
But I can safely say this now: The Sovereignty of God, I believe, is the key that unlocks most of God’s treasures that God put aside for us, His children.
So, I highly encourage you all to carefully listen to this audio-book. I tried to see if I could find the PDF of this book but I guess there is none. I mean, you can always order the hard copy of the book from Amazon.
Pink died on July 15, 1952 and his last words were:
“The Scriptures explain themselves.”
I love it! So true!
We go astray when we start to read the Bible and say, “In my opinion, this verse/passage says this and that.” 
No! We have to get rid of our opinions when it comes to Scriptures for Scriptures speak/explain themselves. We just have to learn and be trained to hear to them when they explain. ///