To All Men, Especially Young Men!

This is my Christmas gift “recommendation” to all Christian men.
I especially want to recommend this book to young Christian men.
My! When a young Christian man gets filled with the word of God using materials such as the one I am recommending here, he simply changes a nation!

When a Christian man is not filled with the word of God, he becomes dangerous to himself and to a nation!
Please guys, please! Order this study Bible as a Christmas gift to yourself, but on the first page, write this: This is a Christmas gift that was recommended to me by Missy (just so I get credit😎, just a joke. I need no credit!).
But please get this study Bible.
Or, ladies, if your man is a kind of man who loves to receive gifts from his girl, well, well, well. Add this study Bible to the list but don’t add any note with it that says, “Hey Baby, I got you this present because I wanted you to be very close to God.”
No! No! No! Leave that to the Holy Spirit because it is not your business. Nobody interferes in a father and child relationship and it especially looks ugly on you if you do. ///