A Mellow Life-Partner

I don’t want anybody to wake me up from my deep sleep.


Well, if somebody wakes me up from my sleep, I sure get that nasty migraine headache that doesn’t let me go for days. So, it is a no-no thing to wake me up from my sleep. My husband knows, so do my kids.

So, my rule is, “Don’t wake me up from my sleep under any circumstances!”

However, as they say, “there is always exception to every rule.” So, my rule has one exception and I will show you that exception with one example.

Well, Sunday night, I went to bed very late. My Honey-bun, on the other hand, had an early morning meeting the next day. So, he went to bed a bit early.  The next day, when he got up and took shower and everything, I didn’t hear a thing. I was totally knocked out! I was in a deep sleep.

Then I barely woke up when my husband kissed me goodbye. Then he stood there for a second or two and whispered something that got me wide awake. He said in a very low voice, fearing that he would wake me up, “You’re only mine! Have a blessed day!”

You think I was upset with him for waking me up?

Are you serious? NO!

Instead, I whispered back to him, in my dream, “Keep them coming, Baby! I am wide awake, listening to you!” Hahahaha! It was for me like listening to a beautiful song.

So, the whole day yesterday, I was replaying his “You’re only mine” in my mind and guess what? Yesterday, I had so many things to do and places to go to. And it was pretty much raining all day long.  I did everything I was supposed to do, enjoying everything, the rain too.

Do I normally enjoy rainy days? Nah! But the thing is, the weather in my heart was sunny and breathy, if you know what I mean.

You think what he said to me in the morning did that to me? You better believe it.

The Bible says, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” Ephesians 5:25

If husbands’ love was not important to wives, the Bible would have said something like, “Wives, know that Jesus loves you. So, it is okay if your husband does not love you.”

But the Bible doesn’t say that.

And before God commands husbands to love their wives, He wired the woman to desire to receive love from her husband and He created the man with everything he needs to be able to love and express love to his wife.

However, Jesus said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. ” John 15:5

Jesus Christ means the word of God, and the word of God means Jesus Christ (John 1:1). I am sure by now we all know this biblical fact by heart.

So, a husband CANNOT just get up and love his wife. Loving his wife is the most spiritual thing a husband can do in this life. And loving his wife is “the fruit of the spirit.” If that is the case, the husband has to remain in Christ, means he has to let the word of God govern his life. When Christ abides in him and he abides in Christ, the husband wants and desires to love his wife in the way his wife wants to be loved and desired by her husband.

It is Christ who can teach the husband how to love his wife and it is only Christ who gives the husband the will to love his wife.

Yes, we women are complicated creatures!

Unless our husbands learn how to closely walk with Christ, they won’t know how to love us. When they don’t love us, we drive them crazy! Hey, this is not a joke. This is true. When a woman is loved and treasured by her man, she becomes a mellow life-partner. Otherwise, she becomes – – – (read Proverbs).

When a husband does not let “the Vine” remain in him, he not only does not know how to love his wife but also won’t have any desire whatsoever to love his wife. He will actually run out of reasons to love his wife and start to ask himself why he married her in the first place.

Wow! Isn’t that scary? Yes, it is!

When our husbands know how to love us, we wives find it okay to let our husbands go against our rules and regulations. I mean, who among women won’t be willing to wake up in the middle of her deep sleep with a romantic music that her husband composed just for her, in a way she likes it?

Not me! I am serious, not me!  ///