You have no idea how much I love this song!

It is meaningful for me to hear songs such as this one, given the situations of Ethiopia.

Yes, only when we look up to Jesus that we find hope, not only to our personal needs and hopeless situations but also to the land and people we pray for.

I do love America and I pray every day to this great nation, to its people and officials and authorities.

I also pray for my country Ethiopia! Oh, especially these days, my heart aches whenever I think of my beautiful people, Ethiopians.

I find this song to be comforting to hear while I cry before God about my people.

So I wish many songs such as this one made by Ethiopian Gospel singers today so they spread hope in the name of God across Ethiopia while some spread fear, death, darkness and hopeless.

I know, the above video needs some professional touch ups but still it’s a beautiful work! I admired the young woman who played Ethiopia.

Good job Gospel singer Muluken Abera and all your team for pulling this great work off beautifully. ///