Healthy Childhood But – – –

A4P Guest: I am a born again Christian man. I am 22 years old, a senior in one of Universities in Ethiopia. I lead a Christian fellowship in campus. I’ve been following you, probably, since day one. I grew up in church and I don’t exactly know when I came to Christ. The only thing I am sure of is that I am in Christ, not in the world. I have devoted Christian families. Both my parents serve in the local church. I have one younger sister. I have a healthy childhood as far as I can remember. I am telling you this so you know my background. I heard many people saying, “People who have problems with porn have no healthy background and childhood history.” So, my story is a bit different. My background is good and healthy. Here is my question. I struggle with porn for the last five years. I tried pretty much everything, praying, fasting, crying and confessing my sin to brothers but I’m still in it. I sometimes come to it once a month and sometimes, every day, trying to take over my entire life. I get too obsessed with it 24/7. I love God and want to follow Christ faithfully. I have no desire to be in the world. All my visions and dreams are to live and die for the glory of God but this thing is in my life. Where shall I go? Where is my healing? I don’t want to quit fighting but at the same time, I am tired! Very tired and frustrated. Does God care? Continue reading Healthy Childhood But – – –