Joy In My Heart For Sharing

John MacArthur is the man of God that I adore and pray for God to lengthen his days on this earth because he is very much needed for the Bride of Christ. 

My friends, if you do not agree with anything that Pastor/Dr. MacArthur is saying, please move to the next question; and before you make any conclusions about him, check your doctrines. 
Pastor MacArthur so far spent more than 50 years teaching the word of God, one verse at a time. 
But I have to say this: This clip won’t be a suitable one for anyone who is into mysticism and “spiritual high” because MacArthur is giving to the people of God not only milk to drink but also “bones” to chew. 
Here are some of the questions Dr. MacArthur is giving answers to (BTW, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Ligonier Ministries YouTube channel. You will never be disappointed that you did): 
Can a Christian be possessed by demons?
What is “fear of God?”
Where do the souls of babies who died because of abortion go?
How can I explain to a teenager the difference between Evolution VS Creation?
What does “One died for all” mean? (2 Corinthians 5:15)
What does “Christ emptied Himself” mean? (Philippians 2:7)
Should speaking in tongues be practiced in the church today?
Explain “limited atonement.” – LT – means, Christ died only for the elect)
Does God give free will to men?
How can I mortify (kill) sin?
How can I be sure of my salvation? Can I lose my salvation?
What is “penal substitution?” (meaning, “ Christ, by his own sacrificial choice, was punished (penalized) in the place of sinners (substitution), thus satisfying the demands of justice so God can justly forgive sin.”) ///