Food For the Thought

“True freedom is not freedom from responsibility to God and others in order to live for ourselves, but [freedom] from ourselves in order to live for God and others ” ~ John Sttot

“Whatever makes you most happy is your god.” ~ John Piper

“God is not felt in your typical church as a weighty reality.

People want to be cheery. They want to be lighthearted, not weighty. So, in order to feel so friendly, we calculate everything in an entertainment mode so that people feel cheaper.

How can a magnificent God can survive in that atmosphere?” ~John Piper

“The essence of Idolatry is the entertainment of thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him.” A. W. Tozer

“If God is not sovereign, then God is not God. A non-sovereign God is no God at all. A non-sovereign God would be like a titular king who reigns but doesn’t rule. To be sure, men have free will, but our free will is limited. It is always limited by God’s free will. God’s free will is a sovereign free will. Our free will is a subordinate free will.” ~ R. C. Sproul ///