“Sorry For The Mess”

Before I wrap up my day, let me share with you one text message that made my day in the morning. 

Well, it was a text message from my husband. 
My husband (my Berhan) knows that I don’t like a messy kitchen, especially when that messy kitchen belongs to me. So, I try to keep my kitchen neat and clean whenever I can. 
Today, Berhan had a potluck lunch at work (where everybody was suppose to bring in something). So, I made the dish he wanted to take and put it in the fridge, thinking that he would take it without making any mess. 
Well, my husband took the dish and made a lot of mess and left the mess as it was.
So, the moment I enter the kitchen, I thought he was still in the house, you know, maybe upstairs.
No! He was not. He already left! 
After a big sigh, I began cleaning up. Then in that moment, I saw a text message blinking on my phone. Who was that text from? 
From my Baby! (I screenshot the text message we exchanged and shared with you with this note)
Ugh! You have no idea how I appreciated him. I felt so loved, appreciated, respected and treasured by him when I read the message.
Did I clean the kitchen? 
Oh, my! I cleaned not only the kitchen but the whole house and the outside too. You may think I am kidding but I am not.
I felt so energetic after reading that text. 
“Is there a message for husbands here?”
Maybe. ///