First in Our Home

Let us not hold back a simple gesture of love from those who live with us closely, such as our spouse and kids. Most of us are good at surprising others with a simple or spontaneous gesture of love but we find it hard to do it to the very people who matter the most in our lives.

The simple gesture can be as simple as saying; “I prayed for you this morning so God’s favor will rest on you,” or as big as saying, “I will be your servant today for the whole day. Just let me know what you want me to do for you.” Continue reading First in Our Home

You Are My Defender!

Awwww! My Facebook friends, how can  thank you enough!

Thank you so much for all your Happy Ethiopian New Year and Happy Birthday wishes!  Appreciate each and every one of you who Liked, Shared and Commented on my birthday post.

You see, working on social media is kinda tricky. Sometimes I feel like I am working hard for no avail for nobody is listening/reading. But now I know that at least 10 of you are listening to me and reading what I am writing on the Appeal for Purity Facebook page/website. Continue reading You Are My Defender!

Heads Up To All Married Couples

This season is not the season to file a divorce!

You may ask, “Then what is a good season to file a divorce?”

There is no right or good season to file a divorce because divorce does not solve anything.
What I am trying to say is this: Usually right after summer season, most people get very emotional and get totally depressed. Because of that, those minor marital issues they thought were okay to ignore all of a sudden become so huge for them during this time that they want to file a divorce.

Continue reading Heads Up To All Married Couples

Marriage Is God’s Agenda

A4P Guest: I got married a couple years ago. My husband and I are Christians. My husband is a nice man and everything. I was in love with him but these days, I don’t feel any attraction towards him and it is bothering me. I don’t like to come home from work so I won’t be alone with him. Would you please help me?

A4P: Were you in love with him when you married him?

A4P Guest: Yes, I was. Continue reading Marriage Is God’s Agenda