The one thing from the billion more things that love can’t be is indifferent.

You can’t hear love say “Either way is fine for me.”

Oh, no, you won’t hear love say that. The sides love takes are ALWAYS clear! They are written in bold letters, like “LOVE DOES NOT DELIGHT IN EVIL” (1 Corinthians 13:6).

This is not up for discussion when it comes to love.

If we say “we love God,” our love can’t be hard to be identified, even the watching world will testify to the fact. They know whether we play games with religion or live a life they wish to have.

And the one way they know that we don’t love God is when we become “indifferent” and wobble between two extremes: To have sex before marriage or after marriage; to live together before marriage or not.

No middle “ground” on these! No unique situations or exceptions; only two stands!

Sometimes we send so mixed information to the world that the world itself recruits us to promote its messages such as:

Sleeping together before marriage is okay as long as you love each other.

Gender is created by religion, not by God.

Masturbation is necessary until marriage.

Viewing porn is innocent as long as you don’t do it.

On and on and on and off we go.

Let’s clear our stand on sexual purity as we give ourselves to truly loving and following God and His Word. Then all His moral values come to us naturally. Let’s go back to our first love we stop being indifferent to the things of God. ///