Heads Up To All Married Couples

This season is not the season to file a divorce!

You may ask, “Then what is a good season to file a divorce?”

There is no right or good season to file a divorce because divorce does not solve anything.
What I am trying to say is this: Usually right after summer season, most people get very emotional and get totally depressed. Because of that, those minor marital issues they thought were okay to ignore all of a sudden become so huge for them during this time that they want to file a divorce.

Please do not do file a divorce!
Seeking counseling may be what you need to save your marriage and the marriages of your little kids. Yes, divorce tends to go from one generation to another. So, say “NO!” for divorce to run its course in your family.
I do give marriage counseling online but this service is only available for those who live in the US.
So, if you live in the US and have marital issues that you want counseling for, email me the day and time you want to schedule the appointment. My email is: anappealforpurity@gmail.com
Counseling is not only beneficial for those who have serious marital issues, such as for couples who are sleeping in different bedrooms and all that, but for couples who, for example, want to improve their communication because listen my friends, a marriage can only thrive on healthy communication.
No communication means no marriage! ///