One Sleep Hygiene Tip

Before I go to bed, let me give you one best sleep hygiene tip that worked for me for years:

Right before you go to bed, read something interesting/intriguing.

When you do that, your subconscious gets so buys that it quickly puts you to sleep for it to work on the ideas and concepts you just read.

Hey, don’t quote me on that but try it and you can quote yourself.

But serious, it helps a lot and I learned about this in one of the sleep hygiene classes I took a couple years ago. And to tell you the truth, deep concepts get broken down into pieces for us if we send them to our subconscious at night. Then in the morning, we get up and explain those deep concepts in simple ways and terms because we have deep understanding.

And taking the truth of God with us to sleep is like inviting the Holy Spirit to our subconscious lecture hall. I mean, you cannot beat that.

So, now before I go to bed, this is one of the papers I choose today to look at and I thought it would be nice to share at least this one page with you, (I mean, to those of you who are going to go bed now. For those of you who are waking up, hey, read this when you are getting ready to sleep.)

But please read this one page carefully! Don’t rush to finish it. Every wore and every line is important and every line communicates deep truth. So, don’t miss any one of these biblical truths. It is written in the same format as the Bible was written, means, no word is irrelevant. No “filler word” there! Every word, I mean, every word carries meaning and value with it. So, pay close attention to each.

I took a picture of this page from The Reformation Study Bible, I bought from Ligonier Ministries’ website – – (I highly recommend this Bible to you all).
Have a blessed deep thinking night! ///