Money As Number One Cause

I consider myself totally blessed by God when I teach young couples about marriage. Oh, my! I feel so grateful and thankful for getting a chance to invest in the lives of young couples.

Now I am in the process of giving premarital counseling to a beautiful “soon to be married” young couple and the topic for today was finance and how to peacefully live with in-laws.

Don’t you love that? I do because having knowledge about finance and in-laws can  totally save marriages.

One study result reads: “70 percent of all divorces cite money as the number one cause for calling it quits,” according to the study result found by Raina Kelley and the result has been published in the April 9, 2007 Newsweek, and has been quoted by Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley in their latest book, “Ready to Wed.”

This is the kind of “number” we all need to give attention to. I mean, 70%!

You know what that number means: It is saying to us that it is EASY for all of us to find ourselves in the 70% than 30% group. I don’t know about you but for me, this is one of those jaw-dropping research results!

Marriages are ending and/or dying while celebrating anniversaries every year because of financial tensions and conflicts between married couples.

One of the common causes of financial problems is secrecy! To secretly putting money aside (having a secret saving account), or giving money to family members or getting into debt without the consent or agreement of the other party (the spouse).

So, the best solution is to have an honest and open discussion about money. Ignoring these problems won’t make them to go away. It will actually escalate the problems to the place where they cannot be solved.

And guess what other commonly seen money issue that causes fights and quarreling among married couples?

Yes, you guessed it! The love of money!

The Bible says: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10a

The love money does not only destroy the marriage but it also destroys the life of the person who loves money. And the best antidote for the love of money is called charity! Giving money to others, to churches and ministries, doing so chips away the love of money from human hearts. ///

P. S. If you are facing a problem in your marriage, a kind of problem that you and your spouse don’t seem to find a solution to, please seek help but not from families and friends but from a stranger who has no vested interest in either of you. I do give marriage counseling. All these services are available for those who live in the US. If you want to set up appointment , email me at: If you prefer to make appointment via text or voice message, here is my number: 240-393-8249. I also give premarital counseling to “soon to be married” or for “married” couples who haven’t taken any marriage classes before.