Yes, I Stand With Him!

I had one of those stressful and long days.
Well, I was taking one of those whole day classes in Annapolis, Maryland.

Guess what the class was about?
Mindfulness: Living life in the now, and doing so, find all kinds of ways to beat common life stressors.
Before the instructor told us the ways we can beat stress, I mean, he threw at us all kinds of recent study results that show how the American society is stressed beyond measure and how this chronic stress causes the society all sorts of health problems.
We were 130 health professionals from all walks of health fields.
I give the instructor lots of credit for making us laugh out loud throughout the day but still it was a loooooong day.
Anyways, I am glad that I am now home, in my pj, relaxing. Praise God!
Even if I attended one of those interesting classes, my mind was totally occupied by the thoughts of Ethiopia. Whenever the class gets a five minutes break in between, I run to my phone to see if etv has any news about Ethiopia and Ethiopians and how Dr. Abiy is doing. Yes, I want to know about him and his whole administration every day.
While I did that, I found this poster I am sharing with you on Facebook. You have no idea how happy I was when I saw it. I felt like the person who made this poster read my mind.
But I would make one correction from this poster if I may. I will change Abiy to Dr. Abiy.
Dr. Abiy is the man God has given to us, Ethiopians, and I dare not stand against him (unless he first stands against God), for doing so is like going against God who brought him to power.
May the name of Jesus Christ be praised forever for making me be alive to see Dr. Abiy!
May God bless Ethiopia with peace and comfort! May God bless Dr. Abiy with wisdom and knowledge as he leads Ethiopia to peace, freedom and prosperity!
Yes, “አስተውላለው!” ///